4S1M-Yamaha Team kicks-off Speed Fest in Clark

4S1M-Yamaha Team celebrates victories in 2017 with Speed Fest

To celebrate its series of winnings in 2017, the 4S1M recently inaugurated its Speed Fest in Clark International Speedway last December 16, 2017.

The 4S1M Speed Fest was filled with intense drag racing, participated by riders all over the country, and transformed the Clark International Speedway into a ‘Need for Speed’ movie-like scene due to racing cars and motorcycles, flashing its striking neon-like colors of headlights and wheels rims, synced into the beat of a ‘fast and the furious’ type of music.

“This is our first time pa lang to do an event, a big step for us,” said Mark Tan, owner of 4S1M.  “We also hope to organize the Speed Fest annually.”

Cars and motorsports fans and enthusiasts feasted their eyes on the motorcycle show by Run 17’s and the car show by Formula1. From pickup trucks showing off tough wheels, thunderous speaker systems boarding SUVs and sedans, classic engines of retro cars, to a modern and sleek physique of motorcycles, the Speed Fest by 4S1M clearly did not disappoint the attendees.

Following the exhibition, victors of the motorcycle drag race, car drifting and touge battles were awarded with trophies and cash prizes. Extending the excitement of everyone, the raffle draw took place wherein an orange Yamaha Aerox motorcycle for the grand prize, a 45” Flat Screen TV for the second prize, and a refrigerator for the third, were all taken home by the lucky winners.