November 06, 2019 By Nicolas A. Calanoc

How the Philippines Won the 18th Last Palm Standing – Mediacorp Subaru Car Challenge

With the grand prize for the 18th Last Palm Standing – Mediacorp Subaru Car Challenge being a brand new Subaru Forester, it’s easy to forget that there is another competition happening admist the grand champion: the Country Team category.

The Philippine Team was able to win with an accumulated time of 424 hours and 52 minutes thanks to their members:

  • Lordjie Vallente
  • Carlo Talahib
  • Donn Pantaleon
  • Nikko Blancada
  • Filmark Bernante
  • Mark Guballa
  • Cyrus Corpuz
  • Isaah Locsin
  • Joaquin Fabros
  • Reggie Purugganan
The one who got the Philippine Country Winner this year was Joaquin Fabros (photo above).
This is no easy feat for the team to win, recalling that last year the Philippine team wasn’t able to win despite having Filmark Bernante make it to the final top 5. So even if we had no Filipino in the last 5, what changed this year?
We were able to interview Carlo Talahib, one of the veterans of the Subaru Palm Challenge and he explain the strategies that ultimately made the Philippines with the Country Team category of the 18th  Last Palm Standing – Mediacorp Subaru Car Challenge.

Without giving too much away, the core of this year’s success was the communication, management, and the games that won them breaks.

On the let go, the Philippine team was counting the hours they accumulated, so when the time came that players were dropping, they knew where their country stood against the rest. When the 30th hour hit, that’s where competitors started to drop like flies left and right. But with the help of communication and encouragement, they knew who needed the breaks, who needed to be talked to to stay awake, and who needed to let go.

With the new mechanic the winners of the fan-game being allowed to bring an extra teammate to a extra break, the power of spreading the word amongst family, friends, and country men showed. This in turn allowed those who needed a break badly to be able to rest and last a bit longer.

The overall winner for this year’s 18th Last Palm Standing – Mediacorp Subaru Car Challenge was Siripong Toosadee from Thailand, who wins an brand new Subaru Forester after keeping his Palm in place for 76 hours and 55 minutes and 5 seconds. Maybe next year the Philippines has a shot at the overall win.

There were of course set backs to the players as individuals, but if there is something that the Philippine Team of the 18th Subaru Palm Challenge showed, it is that winning the Country Team category was more than strength in numbers, but strength in unity.

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