Lamborghini has unveiled their first SUV since the LM 002, the Urus

We now have the world’s first Super Sport Utility Vehicle

The dualities of Lamborghini were everywhere. When we approached their home in Italy, we saw buildings both old and new. As we entered the newest facility we found (someone actually said “wasn’t this just a field last year?”) we were led down a red carpet flanked on one side by six beautiful examples of the Lamborghini LM 002. The Italian SUV when they weren’t called SUVs yet. Many of us remember them because we built them as Tamiya models as kids. Just to make sure we weren’t going to a history museum, we were flanked on the other side by all the newest and fastest of the bulls. Huracans and Aventadors in all manners of tune. When we entered what we would later realize was the production facility itself, we were treated to a presentation that had both motorized robotics and human form working in tandem.

This is how Lamborghini presented what they say is the world’s fastest SUV. The Urus.

The bold new car looks every bit the bull, pretty faithful to what we saw a around half a decade ago as a concept car. The front end is slushy and pointy, purposeful with the same details you find on their other vehicles. The faster, scarier ones. Towards the back, things look sleek where you would expect boxy in most SUVs. In spite of this nod to sleekness, there’s a surprising amount of space for something that comes out of Sant’ Agata. There is even actual trunk space. There’s even an actual trunk.

Does that mean the Urus will be calm? The speeches at the launch event were all in Italian, and our translation wasn’t all that clear, but you don’t mistake the word “wicked.” Which makes sense, when you learn that the Urus puts out 641 bhp and 627 pounds feet of torque.

What makes the power here is a divergence from the norm. It’s blown. A Twin-turbo V8 provides thrust, mated to an eight speed automatic transmission. You won’t get the insane screams that most people have come to associate with the Huracan and the Aventador, but you do get to whip it and hold on all the way to a 6200rpm redline. Plus you get to do it in the dirt. It really can go off-road. Torque can be moved mostly front or mostly rear depending on the demands of the terrain and the driver, and rear-wheel steering helps make the relatively long wheelbase (we said there was areal trunk, remember) feel shorter. At least it should. We haven’t yet taken the Urus to task. Which should be quite fun.

Lamborghini has built whole new facilities for the Urus, and it has done so in its true and spiritual home in Italy. They are betting a lot on this new multi-purpose vehicle. But in many ways all they are doing is giving the new world exactly what it wants. It is an SUV like no other, and given what is asked of it it may well be the most technologically advanced Lamborghini yet.

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