Peugeot PH launches 2018 SUV line up

The Peugeot 2008, 3008, and 5008 launched side by side

For the first time in the Philippines, Peugeot has debuted their new SUV line the brims with style, performance, and revolutionary technology. This move is their first foray into this particular segment, as the French brand seeks to defy conventional standards. After years of research, engineering, and development, Peugeot brings to us a new breed of sporty utility vehicles.

Headlining the launch was the 2017 European Car of the Year, the all new 3008 SUV. The 3008 makes its strong presence known to all given its modern interior, and its assertive styling. Its “feline” full-LED headlamps combined with the checkered grill, a long bonnet, large wheels, and its high ground clearance all point to what is a proper SUV. Peugeot’s black diamond roof adds class and sophistication to what is otherwise a rugged package, making the roof line “float” with the help of chrome highlights. Bringing the exterior design cues together are the hallmark 3-claw LED tail lights.

On the inside, the 3008 uses the second-generation of the Peugeot iCockpit. With raised seating height, the driver gets a clearer, more commanding view of the road through the large, swept-back windshield. A compact steering wheel with access to driving controls and entertainment functions allows the driver to keep focused on maneuvering the car, without having to reach too far out. A configurable 12.3” heads-up digital panel brings the overall dash theme together, and along with an 8” touchscreen, gives the driver access to all the necessary vehicle controls. It is also noteworthy that the driving ambience can be changed with a simple touch of a button through the Peugeot iCockpit Amplify for immersive and heightened driving sensations.

The front-wheel drive 3008 is powered by a 1.6L turbo, high-petrol engine, mated to a six-speed Efficient Automatic Transmission. This promises fuel efficiency (16.84km/L) along with faster response, greater power, and an intense and exhilarating drive without compromise. Limited quantities of the all new Peugeot 3008 are now available at a suggested retail price of Php 2,590,000.00.

Covering all the SUV segment bases, Peugeot also broke into the compact SUV category as they also introduced the 2008. With its redesigned look, the 2008 is built on a dynamic and agile platform. The new vertical front grill with the Peugeot lion dead-center, along with the horizontal hood are complemented with a rear spoiler, wheel arch flares, scuff plates, and roof bars. Interior ambient lighting is also included in the 2008, and the introduction of Peugeot’s new paint finish, Ultimate Red, which debuts with this model, adds to the overall appeal of this compact runner. Powered by the same 1.2L PureTech petrol engine (20.19km/L) that won the 2017 International Engine of the Year award and powers a front-wheel drive train, the 2008 will have limited availability next year with a retail price starting at Php 1,490,000.00

Not to be outdone, Peugeot saw to it that the 7-seater category is not left un-entered, and also introduced the all new 5008 at the same launch. Their newest and biggest SUV breaks into the segment as a stylish, versatile, and spacious vehicle. The 5008 comes with the second generation Peugeot iCockpit, Efficient Modular Platform 2 (EPM2), and a slew of tech innovations that enhance both comfort and rider safety. A powerful profile is tamed by sleek lines that give this SUV a balanced and uniform look, all with contours that scream elegance. With its 2.84m wheelbase, the 5008 is one of the most spacious SUVs in its category. Longer and wider than the current 3008, and the original 5008, respectively, more legroom is offered in this new-generation carrier. With an impressive powertrain and efficiency ratings (18.54km/L), the all new 5008 will be available next year, and its exact pricing is yet to be announced.

Peugeot may be late in the SUV game, but they seem to have bided their time well. Years of research and development have brought forward this entire lineup of vehicles that holds the signature function and character of the Lion brand. With their captivating style, dynamic performance, and revolutionary engine technology, Peugeot Philippines’ President Glen Dasig called these three new models “a new breed of SUV” Dasig added, “This is our vision for the future. The Lion is awake and the wait was definitely worth it”.

Managing Editor