September 10, 2019 By Nicolas A. Calanoc

Road Safety: Tire Rotation

We must remember that in a car, the tires are our first and last defense in an accident simply because they are the only contact of the car to the ground. If anything, else in the car was touching the ground, it’s probably a problem. We also must take into consideration that tires wear out over time, meaning that at the same rate they wear out, so too does their effectiveness.

We want to delay this wear and tear as much as possible. In addition to making sure that the car’s tire pressure is always in the correct value, we also extend the life of the tire by periodically rotating the tires. The art of rotating tires is to change their position, which in turn also changes the wear pattern of the same tires. The effect of this is to spread out and maximize the treads of the tire by having them wear out as evenly as possible.


This probably the most typical format you will encounter in sedans and hatchbacks wherein the power of the car is derived at the front. Also in a car like this, the majority of the weight is also at the front because of the engine.


For trucks and sports cars, this is the format you will probably be following, the weight maybe still at the front, but the power is now derived from the rear, so the pattern of wear and tear will be different. For sports cars though, make sure that the tires are of equal size. If they aren’t, proceed to the next kind of tire rotation.


In a good number of sports cars, they have what they call a staggered setup wherein the rear tires are wider and bigger than the front tires. Because of this, there is only so much rotation you can do.


When you have a car that has all-wheel drive, which can range from SUVs, high-end sedans, and Subarus, the rotation of tires is straight forward.


Whichever type of car you have, we suggest rotating your tires every 5,000km or every 6-months. Not only is it safe to rotate your tires, it also lessens the cost of buying your tires. And in the process of checking your tires, you can get input on how your tires wear out that can make you adjust tire pressure, weight, and alike. For something like this, we recommend going to a tire shop that does this kind of job real well.

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