October 09, 2019 By Maynard Marcelo

Yamaha Celebrates 5 Years of Blue Core Technology

Five carefully selected Yamaha riders from Vietnam, namely Dan Kim Ho, Nguyen Phuc Vien, Ngo Thiet Dai Nhan, Pham Viet Anh and Nguyen Quang Ting are currently here in the Philippines to celebrate the 5th Year Anniversary of Yamaha’s Blue Core Technology. Blue Core is a new generation of engines Yamaha developed that promises more power but uses less fuel. This technology can be found in various Yamaha motorcycles and scooters such as the Nmax, Mio Soul, Mio i125 and Mio Aerox that the contingent used in the Philippines.

Dubbed as the Yamaha ASEAN Blue Core Touring, the contingent is now on their last and final leg of the five country tour that includes Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. They were accompanied by Yamaha Vietnam Marketing Manager Mr. Trinh Mai Lam as well as some members of the Vietnam motoring media.

In YZone, the contingent were warmly welcomed by Yamaha Philippines executives and some YClub members. In return, they gave the YClub members commemorative t-shirts and scarves. During the press conference, the Vietnamese riders shared their fun experiences during the ASEAN tour and how they were somehow reminded of their home country upon arriving in the Philippines. After riding various Yamaha motorcycles and scooters for thousands of kilometers in five different countries, the Vietnamese riders firmly attest to the superior power and fuel efficiency offered by the Blue Core technology.

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