October 08, 2018 By Maynard Marcelo Photos by Randy Silva-Netto


After launching the MIO Aerox S in an exclusive event that was streamed online; Yamaha brought the highly popular machine at the center of the Motorcycle Capital of the Philippines, Caloocan City.

The new MIO Aerox S is the flagship model of the MIO automatic line-up of Yamaha, and it is upgraded with the Stop and Start System which limits your emission and gas consumption by turning off your engine when idle. The ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) at the front tire enhances your stopping power, and the Smart Key that allows key-less ignition.


One hundred and fifty-five units of the new Mio Aerox S was made available to prospective buyers. But it wasn’t simply showing up and paying for your order. Interested buyers had to reserve online with only limited slots available. The reservation was filled in a matter of hours with other hopefuls settling to be wait listed in case some slots would become available.

After receiving a confirmation from Yamaha Staff, those who had booked their reservation online were made eligible to purchase and become the first ever owners of the MIO Aerox S. And they won’t be the last because it is now available everywhere and will continue to take riders beyond unstoppable. The new MIO Aerox S has an SRP of PhP 122,900.

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