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The Nautical Run: The Road to Pontevedra
Preface: By Kevin C. Limjoco By popular demand, we painstakingly resurrected from our 2006 print archives our very ambitious and original epic story which we fondly named, “The Nautical Run” for you all to enjoy. This is the forefather to the fabulously successful Tour de Cebu classic car rally series. This incredible and enormous tale is the longest article that we have ever published in our entire publishing history to date, vibrantly written by the hugely talented writer Josemari Ugarte who was at the time my right hand in EVO Philippines as Executive Editor. Josemari would eventually be our Editor-in-Chief of our lifestyle magazine Manifesto until he and his partner Miguel Mari, who was also our brilliant Art Director for the period, published their creative masterpiece: Rogue magazine. Our distinguished long-time C! Magazine and Calibre Magazine contributor, and EVO Philippines Senior Editor Edrich Santos rigorously collaborated and assisted in every aspect of producing the story. And all the photography was expertly shot by the magnificent James H. Deakin. Unfortunately, all the original photography was lost during Typhoon Milenyo (also known as Typhoon Xangsane) a few months after the story broke. So, over the past couple of weeks in January 2021, our awesome multitasking in-house technician/editorial assistant/messenger Cris Javier scanned every published picture as well as retyped every single letter of the 21,000-word article which was then copy edited by Monique Legarda. We are very proud of this story. And we are so thankful to everyone who participated in the ground breaking journey to and from Hacienda Pontevedra. We humbly dedicate this whole effort to his excellency, the late and great Ambassador Eduardo Murphy “Danding” Cojuangco Jr.

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