October 16, 2018 By Francis G. Pallarco

Aeroklas Appreciation Night

TSL Marketing Corp., shows gratitude towards their loyal Aeroklas dealers

Pick up bedliners, bed covers, step boards and more are just some of the most popular automotive products of Aeroklas Co. Limited. As one of Thailand’s leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive parts and accessories, their products are sold and distributed worldwide. Here in the Philippines TSL Marketing Corp., has been the exclusive distributor of Aeroklas products for several years bringing to the market the latest designs to meet the growing consumer demand.

To recognize the sales performance of their dealer partners from different parts of the country, TSL Marketing Corp., recently hosted the Aeroklas Appreciation Night together with a showcase of the latest Aeroklas products for pickups. Held at the Hive Hotel in Quezon City, the event brought together most of the prominent aftermarket dealers of aftermarket automotive accessories nationwide.

To grace the event, none other than Aeroklas Marketing and International Business Mr. Wira Lapjatuporn was present. He even gave a presentation about Aeroklas, including how it employs robotics and cutting edge materials in its production facilities and range of products to stay competitive in the world market. Moreover, Mr. Lapjatuporn also took the time to introduce some of the latest Aeroklas products such as the new design deck cover, U-Box, Canopy, Drawer, Bedliner, Roller lid, and the very handy pick up tailgate assist.

From there the event proceeded to the awarding ceremonies led by TSL Marketing Corp., President Mr. Gilbert Lee and Mr. Wira Lapjatuporn where they presented the awards to their dealers who did well in terms of Aeroklas products sales volume. Aside from the exciting raffle, a sumptuous dinner was also served along with after dinner drinks which insured everyone had a good time.

Aeroklas Co. Limited develops, designs and manufactures their own automotive aftermarket products using the latest technologies using 3D CAD and robotics in terms of production to insure uniformity and accuracy to meet and exceed OEM standards.

For more information about Aeroklas products, visit any aftermarket dealers nationwide or call (+632) 784-4900 loc. 5332.

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