July 01, 2016 By Kevin C. Limjoco Pictures: Isabel N. Delos Reyes

2016 BMW X6 xDrive30d


Words: Kevin C. Limjoco
Pictures: Isabel N. Delos Reyes

The BMW X6 may have lost some of that sparkle over the past few years mainly because the competition not only caught up, but also the model has essentially remained mostly the same even if it did set the standard for the genre eight years ago. After a slew of systematic updates to extend the model, we have on this page the newest current BMW X6, and I still love it; in fact, I covet it even more now.

kcl_8254-copyThe subtle design and equipment updates are consistent with its fraternal twin, the X5. Their differences now are almost dangerously finite. Only the fastback design remains distinct combined with the new exterior character lines to accentuate the rear flanks that create a smaller trunk, which lost a bit of load capacity in the process. They still use the same chassis, xDrive, electronics, and mechanicals. But now they also share the same aluminum hood, grill, and headlight assemblies. The X6 is a bit lighter than the X5, to also help justify the higher price, so despite the paralleled equipment, it rides lower than the X5, the plastic front end incorporates aerodynamic measures that include air deflectors on the wheel arches, “Air Curtains” in the outboard intakes, and fender-located “Air Breathers,” all of which are projected to help smooth airflow over the front wheels for better handling and fuel efficiency. There is also a magnesium cross brace behind the dash. Furthermore, other weight-saving measures were applied to the xDrive system and suspension using more high-strength steel, so I reckon there is as much as 65 pounds less weight compared to the X5.


Our ultra-loaded test unit had the abundant new matte metal treatment too, along with the new lighting systems, which really makes the X6 look even more special, so special that at one point during our test route, famous car enthusiast and collector, Willie Revillame, with the driver’s window down on his Range Rover, literally stopped to check it out as I obliged and slowly crossed paths.

kcl_8301-copy kcl_8325-copy


The redesigned interior also matches the X5 with the execution altered to adapt to the different body design proportions. The prominent 10.2-inch screen is crisp and also displays a fully functional local navigational map, which is great. In all, the updates may seem elusive but their culmination is profound. The new BMW X6 is quicker and even more dynamic, but more efficient and painfully desirable. The only two issues I have are: a) the new sticker price, which makes the exclusive vehicle even more difficult to attain, and b) that at this price, it does not come equipped with a more premium audio system.

kcl_8285-copy kcl_8242-copy



Engine: Inline-6, 2993 cc, dohc 24V, Direct Injection Intercooled VGT Turbodiesel, Steptronic 8-speed AT
Max power: 258 bhp @ 4000 rpm
Max torque: 413 lb ft @ 1500-3000 rpm
0-100 km/h (0-62mph): 6.7 sec.
Top Speed: 230 km/h (144 mph) Governed
Fuel Mileage: 6.7 L/100 kms. City / 5.5 L/100 kms. Highway
Price as tested: PhP 7,490,000.00
+Gloriously flamboyant, ultra-desirable, hugely explorable, fits 5 adults
-Very exclusive pricing, no moon roof, no 600w 16-speaker Harman Kardon audio

C! Editor’s Rating: 10/10

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