September 04, 2019 By Kevin C. Limjoco Photos by Dennis Chan

2019 BMW X5 xDrive40i (G05)

The Premium Mid-Size Crossover Standard

The BMW X5, in my opinion, is the class standard since 1999. For the past four generations, the direct competition has come close but has yet to match let alone surpass its brilliant alchemy of form and function. I have literally driven tens of thousands of kilometers on multiple model variants of every generation on five continents and my stand has yet to change. Take a fresh first generation BMW X5 for a spin today and it will still hold its ground with deep abilities. As I write this, I can tell you all that only a newer BMW X5 can top another X5!

The all-new BMW X5 is everything you know and imagine with more than expected. It uses the robust and versatile Cluster Architecture (CLAR) platform currently used in multiple BMW models. So, like in other BMW vehicles in the family, the new chassis uses its own configuration using carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer as a structural chassis component along with aluminum and high-grade steel. The new chassis also allows the use of an array of comprehensive high technologies found in the BMW sedans like smart semi-autonomous driving, gesture control, and enhanced laser headlights.

Our ultra-loaded Mineral White Metallic test unit with the exquisite Coffee Vernasca leather interior marks the new North American entry model replacing the old xDrive35i. So, despite growing in every direction (wheelbase is almost 2-iches longer than the previous X5 F15, with a 1.4-inch longer body that is 2.6-inches wider, but .7-inches lower) to create the most comfortable, most luxurious, and most dynamic X5 ever, the extra considerable power only makes the daily driver experience exponentially more enjoyable and effortless. The all-wheel adjustable adaptive suspension can now be raised or lowered evenly by 40 mm (2-inches).  Aesthetically, the all-new BMW X5 looks mostly like its predecessor except for the larger front kidney grille and new signature lighting. If you weren’t aware that there was a new generation X5 available you would forgivably perceive that the new model was simply a refreshed model with updated equipment from the outside, but once you step in though you would then recognize that the opulent interior is dramatically different and tangibly more capacious. The X5’s new crisp instrument cluster is fully digital. The 12.3-inch central display uses a familiar interface and iDrive system with updated software.

The new level of fit-and-finish is astonishing. I only have superlatives to say for the all-new X5. However, you spec-out your new X5 purchase to your own requirements there won’t be any product deficiencies. The only limitation is financial capacity. I have never coveted a BMW X5 as much as I do now. The slightly less energetic X5 xDrive30d is our domestic entry model which has the best real-world fuel economy in the model range. The turbodiesel’s more powerful and elastic torque powerband however would be more optimal for our Philippine road conditions.

Behind the steering wheel the driving experience is tearfully fabulous and faultless. I felt like I was in a raised M5 set to its maximum economy and comfort settings. Road imperfections are absorbed like a sponge yet the ride is completely flat and responsive. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 5.3 seconds is plenty quick, and the X5 never felt out of breath in every exercise that I threw at it. Sure, the xDrive50i has more power and the natural M-spec model is going to be outrageously phenomenal, but honestly most of that additional power and performance will seldom be used on public roads. If you can afford to pay for more frustration and anxiety with less fuel efficiency then bless you, but as it stands, the new entry xDrive40i is more than you will need. If you do need 7-passenger capacity though, I strongly suggest investing in the all-new BMW X7 instead of opting for the tiny optional third-row seats on the X5 even with the extra new capacity.



Engine Inline-6, 2998 cc, dohc 24V, Direct Injection Intercooled Turbo, Bi-VANOS, Valvetronic, 8-speed AT
Max Power (bhp @ rpm) 335 bhp @ 5500-6500 rpm
Max Torque (lb/ft @ rpm) 330 lb-ft @ 1500-5200 rpm


Top Speed 240 km/h (150 mph) Governed
0-100 km/h | 0-62 mph 5.3 sec.

Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

Fuel Milage (km/l) 20 mpg City / 26 mpg Highway


Price as Tested (PHP) US$ 73,980.00
What's Great Perfection, still the defined leader in its class, does more than you will ever do.
What's Not So Only its acquisition cost.
C! Editors Rating 10/10
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