April 23, 2020 By Nicolas A. Calanoc

2020 Jaguar XE R-Dynamic SE 2.0 Diesel

I usually have my apprehensions when it comes to sporty diesel sedans because they usually aren’t as smooth to drive as I’d like them to be due to their inherent nature of being a diesel. For me, a vehicle’s athleticism isn’t dictated by sheer speed. It is determined by its predictability to control and ability to move dynamically, which puts diesel engines at a disadvantage. On another end, being a premium sedan is derived by an experience that transcends from the norm, this is from the way it feels to drive to what it provides. With so many things to juggle around, we check if the Jaguar XE R-Dynamic SE 2.0 Diesel pulls it off the balance of sporty, premium, and diesel efficient in one complete package.

From the company that made the arguably most beautiful car (the Jaguar E-Type), the XE takes a more understated approach that simply has the right proportions all throughout. It shows its fangs though through the R-Dynamic add-ons like the grille, spoiler, and skirts that give it the sports sedan look many will be attracted to.

When you step inside and take a seat, you will notice the snug fit thanks to the partial bucket seats that hold you in the tight corners while remaining comfortable to be in during heavy traffic. The driver’s seat also has a memory function to assure you get the exact perfect seat every time. Everything in this car is supple to the touch wherein the materials feel just right. Granted there are a few buttons left thanks to the integration of touchscreen displays all around, every button left has a nice distinctive click to them.

As much as the interior is premium, the experience of using the Jaguar XE feels in an even higher level. The digital gauge cluster for starters is programmable to have either a dual gauges that make it more of a city car with a lot of information easy to read or a single center gauge that gives the essential information to attack the winding mountain roads spiritedly with focus. The center console is dominantly touchscreen now that is responsive and just as configurable. Despite all the digitization, the Jaguar XE still delivers an analog ambiance by making the whole interior blend so well through uncompromising quality.

With the Jaguar XE being a diesel, it was undoubtedly going to win the fuel efficiency department with a whopping 16.6 km/L combined efficiency, with highway driving hitting 20 plus km/L. But the question that remains is how this diesel sporty sedan performs versus its gasoline competitors. Definitely the naturally aspirated gasoline engines deliver a smoother and linear power delivery with a lot of power at the end. The Jaguar XE on the other hand has a lot of torque that is impressively controllable and predictable after your first 10 minutes with the car. The Jaguar XE feels so dialed in properly as a sports sedan despite being diesel. It is definitely hard not to love the more you spend time driving it around doing daily tasks in, around, and out of the city.

It can be argued that there are better driving machines besides the Jaguar XE. And they are probably right. The thing is though, for buyers in this category, you probably aren’t going to bring it to the track anyway. Also, driving up mountain roads will most likely be a weekly occasion at best, leaving this category more on the city and highways. Clearly, Jaguar has spent time talking to people who buy cars in this category and made sure they checked all the boxes on what they wanted and needed. The end result is a car that gives enough sports car sedan to enjoy, but a whole lot of premium and efficiency to be driven every day. When you put it in that perspective, the Jaguar XE makes one great car that delivers the joy of driving guilt free.


2020 Jaguar XE R-Dynamic SE 2.0 Diesel
Engine: Inline-4, 1999, dohc, 16V, CRDi, Turbocharged, 8-Speed Automatic Transmission
Max Power 178 bhp @ 4000 rpm
Max Torque 318 lb ft @ 1750 – 2500 rpm
0-100 km/h [or 0-62 mph] 8.1 sec.
Top Speed 228 km/h (142 mph)
Fuel Milage 16.6 km/L Combined
Price as Tested PhP 4,390,000.00
What’s Great + Equal parts efficient and fun to drive, understated looks, fantastic interior and equipment
What’s Not So – Not as predictable as NA gasoline engine sports sedans,
C! Editors Rating 9.5 / 10

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