September 30, 2017 By Kevin C. Limjoco

BMW M5 (E60)


Singer’s BMW M5 (E60) even in its tremendously restrained disposition is the most complete sports sedan in the world. It may not be a product of a determined production limit, but it is ultra exclusive nonetheless. BMW simply cannot build M5s fast enough to fulfill the vast demand, this, plus its price, have made the car inherently exclusive and hugely coveted.

Even with Singer’s discipline to adhere to the strict break-in period prescribed by the BMW M factory at engine speeds never touching beyond 5,800 RPM, his M5 would easily run well within fighting distance to both the Corvette C6 and Porsche 911. In fact, the M5 would consistently hold 160 kph on Bryant’s high-speed left-hand sweeper, thanks to the speed it carries through the Yokohama (turn 3). The fantastic capability of the M5 makes driving it so effortless. An M5 will give you the confidence and virtual ability of a seasoned race car driver thanks to its engineering.

Thus far, Singer’s M5 is the only E60 in the country. With the current political situation still unresolved and run by protozoa, I reckon it will be unlikely that there will be another unit roaming our roads for another 6 months at least, what a shame. This particular M5 was loaded with more options than our Italian test unit reviewed last July. Boasting a lovely moonroof, the M5 and Swinger’s Porsche weren’t the only newbies on the track. Both car owners had never run on a full race circuit before, which made our day even more special. The Scholar took time to coach both owners on their cars as well as when they alternated between all three cars.

I call the M5 the most complete sport sedan because it is the only car thus far that offers tremendous comfort, luxury, utility, and safety, with driving dynamics that rival two door sports cars. In fact, an M5 engine is built by the same hands of engineers responsible for BMW’s Formula 1 efforts. The technology transfer from motorsports is made clear from the first time you downshift using the 7-speed sequential gearbox; the car’s ECU will accurately simulate heel-and-toe by blipping the throttle to keep you within the power band. Many inexperienced will be very thankful to the BMW wizards for saving them from embarrassing moments when mis-shifting by themselves. Even with the “sport” button disengaged, effectively harnessing a full 100 bhp at bay for regular driving and fuel economy, the M5 can still overwhelm the un-inclined. I simply love the M5. Singer is a man we at EVO envy with great respect! We look forward to reviewing the car once it’s fully run-in and ready for a serious workout.

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