October 20, 2016 By Kevin C. Limjoco

Honda Accord 2.4 S-Navi

With Honda recapturing its dynamic roots with the all-new Civic, the next natural home improvement was with the mid-cycle refresh of its perennial jewel: the Accord. Past the absolutely brilliant, new full-LED lighting in the front and rear, which is by far the most immediate visual upgrade from the previous model, there are enough subtle changes to make the Accord even more desirable for the maturing enthusiasts among us.

Mechanically, the engines have been carried over for both our White Orchid Pearl test unit’s 2.4-liter inline-4 and the top-range 3.5-liter V6. On this review, we will concentrate on the more saleable and realistic 2.4S-Navi model as it gives up very little to the V6, which in essence has the dual exhausts, the mighty V6, a Moonroof, an additional sub-woofer to support the audio, memory seats, rain-sensing wipers, blue ambient interior lighting, bigger wheels/tires, and an extra transmission gear. Okay, it is a fairly long list of equipment, but I’m talking about crucial features that are either deal makers or breakers between the two models. The 2.4S shares the most important features with the V6 and it is no less comfortable, yet it is more practical to use under our current Philippine driving conditions. Honda has massaged the Accord enough, though visually almost imperceptible, to gain a bit more room in the cabin and trunk, making it the 2nd biggest executive sedan in its class; the Chevrolet Malibu holds the 1st place title for size. It may not be the quickest in its class but it is now the most comfortable, the most suave, has the best brakes, and is somehow the fastest to 160 km/h!

I hate to bring it up, but I have to call out the slight tuning differences between our domestic 2.4-liter model and the western variants. There is good news and bad news. First, the bad news: we have the most conservative calibration, hence why we lost 16 bhp and 15 lb-ft of torque. BUT the good news is we got the better 5-speed transmission instead of the CVT, which means it actually mostly evens out. I’m sure that the 2018 model of the Accord will build on the new architecture and direction of the Civic and create a truly magical product.

I actually like the twin center dashboard screens, but I am not too keen on the new LaneWatch camera, which projects video from only the right side of the car whenever the right turn signal is engaged, and that can be more of a distraction than a driver assist. The ride and the quietness of the cabin are excellent; the best it has ever been while retaining the ability to be engaging when you do want to push the car. The new face-lifted Honda Accord 2.4S-Navi is a very compelling executive sedan that can be enjoyed as a driver and as a passenger. Being conservatively designed definitely boosts its appeal.

Honda Accord 2.4S-Navi

Engine: Inline-4, 2356 cc, dohc 16V, Direct Injection i-VTEC, 5-speed AT

Max Power (bhp @ rpm) – 173 bhp @ 6200 rpm

Max Torque (lb ft @ rpm) – 167 lb ft @ 4000 rpm

0-100 km/h [or 0-62 mph](sec) – 8 sec.

Top Speed (km/h) – 212 km/h (132 mph)

Fuel Mileage (km/L) – 11.05 km/L City / 15.3 km/L Highway

Price as Tested (PhP) – PhP 1,808,000.00

+ Most sublime Accord ever, a more exciting balance of comfort, updated creature comforts/technologies, and driving pleasure

Only spend the extra P500,000.00 on the V6 if you truly desire a much more spirited driving experience

C! Editors Rating – 9.5  / 10

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