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Review: 2022 Nissan Patrol LE

The new Nissan Patrol has stayed consistent with its long lineage of Robust SUVs in so many ways. It is tough, strong, and extremely capable in all sorts of terrains.

Much like the previous model, it is luxurious and comfortable. It actually looks the way it is — big, modern, classy, robust, and certainly capable, which is how I shall describe (review) this beast.

This new model has turned it up a notch by extending its tail end, which provides enough luggage space for all its passengers without compromising the roominess in the passenger cabin.

The new Patrol has a roomy cabin that is finely finished with quality carpets and double-stitched leather providing the touch, feel, and even scents that insures the premium environment in its cabin. Accessing switches, compartments, and drink holders are done with a nice soft touch. The interior’s acoustic and sound system is of the same quality that just completes a relaxed cruising environment.

Yet it isn’t just that. The Patrol is technically updated to satisfy the businessman or the family on holiday. The tech is not just bells and whistles but it also contributes to safety and performance.

The 12.3-inch infotainment center, which was easy to read and understand is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible — an important safety feature, especially when able to use Siri or Alexa. In today’s world where we keep connected, you can do so without taking your hand off the steering wheel and keeping your eyes on the road. Yup, talking and texting can be done just like talking to a passenger in the car.

The camera system was very useful given the size of the vehicle and it’s not just the around view monitors.  The selection of close-up view choices and moving object detection is definitely worth taking the time to learn.

In addition, it has intelligent sensing systems for lane departure warning and intervention, intelligent cruise control, rear cross-traffic alert, blind-spot warning, forward collision warning with emergency braking

The center console’s storage box comes with a cooler and even cooler, it can flip open from the back as well! The rear passengers also have their own USB ports, A/C controls, and a 12v – 120W socket. The front row has an auto charger in the cubby hole of the dash

The one swivel control on the center console is for the info entertainment system and the other is a very easy-to-use terrain selection control for various terrains like sand, snow, rocks, or on road. Snow can be used for very slippery surfaces like wet clay or oil spilled surfaces, etc. Moving to 4H or 4L happens automatically

Naturally, passing is quite easy as it has a healthy amount of torque and power from its 5.6-liter V8 engine and a 7-speed automatic transmission with Adaptive Shift Control. The ride is not harsh in fact very comfy but still firm enough so as not to lose the road feel, nor the stability when such a massive vehicle does the winding roads or sudden maneuvers its hydraulic stabilization system at work.

The new Nissan Patrol is well priced in its market range and they put their money where their mouth is with a 5-year warranty or 150,000 km



Engine V8, 90°
Location Front, Longitudinal
Displacement 5,552 cc
Cylinder Block Cast Aluminum
Cylinder Head Cast Aluminum, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, Variable Valve Event and Lift and Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System (VVEL & CVTCS)
Fuel Injector Direct Fuel Injection
Max Power (bhp @ rpm) 400 bhp @ 5800 rpm
Max Torque (lb/ft @ rpm) 413 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
Transmission 7-Speed Automatic with Adaptive Shift Control, Primarily Rear-Wheel-Drive, All-Mode 4WD® with computer-controlled transfer case settings in Auto, 4H and 4LAWD, Helical Limited-Slip Differential, Rear Differential Lock


Brakes Front 13.8” (350 mm) ventilated discs with 4-piston calipers / Rear 13.8” (350 mm) vented discs with single-piston calipers, ABS, EBD, BA, Traction & Stability Controls.

Weight and dimensions

Length 5,165 mm
Width 1,995 mm
Height 1,940 mm
Wheelbase (mm) 3,075 mm


Top Speed 225 km/h (140 mph)
0-100 km/h | 0-62 mph 6.1 sec.

Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

Fuel Capacity 140 liters (37 gallons)
Fuel Milage (km/l) 12.3 L/100 km Overall


Price as Tested (PHP) PhP 3,988,000.00
C! Editors Rating 10/10
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