April 28, 2022 By Nicolas A. Calanoc

This is Why the Ford Ranger Wildtrak is the OG Lifestyle Pick-Up

For the life of me, I can’t remember a time before the 2011 Ford Ranger where pick-ups were a lifestyle choice. Prior to the T6-based Ford Ranger, pick-ups were vehicles associated with architects, farmers, and construction workers. Now, pick-ups are a symbol of the outdoorsy off-roader lifestyle to those who own one.

With so many Ford Ranger variants out there, it can get confusing in deciding which Ford Ranger is perfect for you. But when you look at the history of the Wildtrak nameplate back in 2011, you will see what Ford Philippines is trying to accomplish with the Ford Ranger 2.0L BiTurbo Wildtrak 4×4.

Form and Function

If you will go to the Ford Philippines website, it will be listed as Ford Ranger 2.0L BiTurbo Wildtrak 4×4 AT with Power Roller Shutter. In terms of price, the 4X4 Wildtrak is closest to the FX4 MAX. This is why these pick-ups go head to head when it comes to deciding which one to get. If you are looking for the off-road advantage, you will definitely be looking at the FX4 Max, which we have a video review of. But true to how it started, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak is really for the everyday lifestyle and it shows with its standard equipment.

It uses the same chassis that has proven itself throughout the decade, but with 2022 features like LED Headlamps, a new design front-grille, 18” alloy rims that match the styling, and most importantly the OEM Power Roller Shutter. When you compare this flatbed cover to the ones available outside the market, you will see that the one Ford Philippines provides to the Ford Ranger Wildtrak is of top-notch quality. For security reasons, you shouldn’t leave valuables inside. But in terms of durability, you will definitely need a crowbar and a lot of strength to get through the Power Roller Shutter.

If you look at the FX4 Max, it has additional stuff like having Fox suspensions, 17” with all-terrain tires, auxiliary switches, and other off-road equipment. But in being more off-road oriented, it becomes less on-road situated. That is where the Wildtrak shines. Aside from the Power Roller Shutter, you get way more active safety like LED headlamps, Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Keeping Aid, Lane Departure Warning, Driver Alert System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Alert, and Active Parking Assist. So when it comes to everyday lifestyle, you see that the Ford Ranger Wildtrak excels in that department.


Interior and Equipment

It’s amazing after all these years, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak still retains the best interior design and quality in the segment. It has a clear gauge cluster that uses colors without being a bother. The use of soft touch and plastics are well thought of. The button placements both on the steering wheel and on the center console were clearly mapped with great consideration. And all the compartments the Ford Ranger Wildtrak were intuitively placed to improve quality of life with different gadgets and items. The longer I stayed inside and with the Ford Ranger Wildtrak, the more it felt like the pick-up conformed to my lifestyle and vice versa.

With the combination of the 8-inch touchscreen, Ford’s Sync 3, and Android Auto + Apple Carplay; connecting with the Ford Ranger Wildtrak elevated the everyday lifestyle experience even further, making driving anywhere within reason so easy. As for the rear console, it gets a 12-volt power outlet and a 230 volt/ 150W power outlet for those who need to plug their laptops or gadgets on the go.


Driving Impressions

The biggest appeal of the Ford Ranger Wildtrak back in 2011 was how it was able to offer such a smooth ride despite it being a pick-up with a leaf-sprung suspension at the rear. To say it was sedan-like though would be a stretch. But after driving all the available pick-ups in the market, it is safe to say it is one of the better rides.

What the Ford Ranger Wildtrak offers though is a balanced riding and driving experience. It is equal parts work horse with its leaf sprung suspension at the rear allowing for carrying heavy payloads, cruiser with its combination of 2.0L bi-turbo diesel engine with a 10-speed automatic transmission that makes the drivetrain efficient, and equal parts off-roading capable in a reasonable sense.

I’m sure that the biggest concern is the upcoming all-new 2022/ 2023 Ford Ranger and if it’s worth waiting for. Right now, there is only speculation if we will be getting the 3.0L V6 diesel and we have to consider the price difference of getting something all-new and of getting something with a bigger engine. But as it stands now, the current Ford Ranger 2.0L BiTurbo Wildtrak 4×4 has what it takes to perform for the next 5-years in a platform that has proven itself for a decade.


Who Is This Car For?

With the numerous variety of pick-ups that Ford Philippines has to offer, there is definitely a Ford Ranger for everyone. For the basic, there is the Ranger XLS and XLT. For the reasonably outfitted pick-up, there is FX4 Max in both 4×2 and 4×4. For those who want an off-road centric Ranger, there is the FX4 Max. For the top of the line, there is the highly coveted Ranger Raptor.

This leaves the Ford Ranger 2.0L BiTurbo Wildtrak 4×4 AT with Power Roller Shutter as the most balanced among the bunch. It can go off-road if need be, haul heavy cargo when the time comes, and go around the city and through the highway every time with standard equipment that makes it safe and enjoyable. What made the Wildtrak the OG lifestyle pick-up was because it balanced all the aspects of car ownership and enjoyment. With everything that the Ford Ranger 2.0L BiTurbo Wildtrak 4×4 AT with Power Roller Shutter offers at its price, it is easy to see why it is still one of the best lifestyle pick-ups available.


Ford Ranger 2.0L BiTurbo Wildtrak 4×4 AT

Engine: 2.0L | Inline-4 | Bi-Turbo | CRDi | Diesel
Power: 210 bhp @ 3750 rp
Torque: 368 lb-ft @ 1750 – 2000 rpm
Transmission: 10-Speed Automatic
Price:  PhP 1,748,000

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