July 07, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Jaguar Land Rover electrifies market with fully-electric I-PACE, Range Rover, and Range Rover Sport PHEV

For a few weeks now, Jaguar Land Rover, through their Philippine distributor, All British Cars, have been teasing the public with their fully charged vehicles that will be coming into our market. Well, the 3 vehicles have finally arrived for all the country to see. Enter the fully electric Jaguar I-PACE, and the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

Fully-electric motoring

First up is the Jaguar I-PACE. Those who know their Jags are aware that this is a fully-electric five-seater that has the power and pace of a sports car. At the heart are two electric motors, one for each axle, powered by a centrally-mounted 90kw battery that produces a total of 400bhp and 513lb-ft of torque. Since there’s no transmission to zap power, the I-PACE can zip from 0-100km/h in just 4.8 seconds.

Its 50:50 weight distribution means it can handle like a true sports car. This one, however, can seat five with all their gear in comfort and luxury.

Moreover, the lithium-ion battery can easily be topped up using the supplied Type 2 plug. This allows it to charge for 12 hours and 48 minutes and go for 400kms before needing to be plugged in once again. Regenerative braking also allows for added charging while driving.

The Jaguar I-PACE is available at P7,590,000.

Environment-friendly, go-anywhere luxury

For those folks that aren’t too keen on going all electric just yet or want the ultimate in off-road ready luxury, either the Range Rover or Range Rover Sport Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles are for them. Both come with a 2.0-liter Ingenium turbocharged gasoline engine paired with a 65kw electric motor. This combo is good for 404bhp and 472lb-ft of torque. This allows the large SUV to accelerate from rest to the century mark in 6.7 seconds and reach a 220km/h top speed.

Drivers can choose betwen two driving modes: Parallel Hybrid and EV Mode. Each one offers its own style, depending on conditions and the driver’s mood. As for range, the hybrid system allows the SUVs to run for 700kms between fill-ups of fuel or 50kms on pure electric driving. But once the battery is empty, the engine seamlessly switches on the gasoline motor for added range.

As for pricing, the Range Rover Sport PHEV comes in at P9,490,000. The Range Rover Vogue PHEV is offered at P11,990,000 while its long wheelbase Autobiography sibling is priced at P15,190,000.


Topping up

All three Jaguar and Land Rover offerings come with a 7kw, Type 2 plug that ensures safe and worry-free charging. It allows the I-PACE to be fully charged in 12 hours and 48 minutes while the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport PHEVs do the same in 2 hours and 48 minutes. Each battery pack comes with an 8-year or 160,000km warranty or 70 percent health state while an additional charger would cost P105,000. All Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles sold by All British Cars in the country come with a 3-year warranty.

Apart from the new offerings, All British Cars has also unveiled its new Bonifacio Global City dealership, where it launched the new vehicles. The showroom is located along 5th Avenue corner 24th.

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