Aftermarket / 07-21-20

Tuner: Gone in 8 seconds

Still the fastest GT-R in the Philippines

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Aftermarket / 07-14-20

Tuner: Aftermarket Off Road Suspension Upgrade

Basic guide regarding quick lifts to custom multi-link suspension systems

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Aftermarket / 07-07-20

Tuner: Classic Appeal

A BJ-40 blessed with modern mods

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Aftermarket / 06-30-20

Tuner: Progressive State

This properly built ‘Hachi-Roku’ only gets better and better

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Aftermarket / 06-27-20

Think the Honda Civic Type R’s looks aren’t wild enough? Check out these Mugen upgrades

Depending on how you look at it, the Honda Civic Type R’s styling is either jaw-dropping or over the top.

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Aftermarket / 06-23-20

Tuner: Jimny Quick

Presenting the fastest Jimny in the land

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Aftermarket / 06-16-20

Tuner: Never Stop

Proving that there’s always something worth upgrading

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Aftermarket / 06-02-20

Tuner: The Italian Job

American and Italian influences meld together to create this unique sports car.

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Aftermarket / 06-02-20

Black Rhino Wheels re-opens for business

As more businesses open up to the new normal. Black Rhino Wheels – Philippines let’s everyone know that it has

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Aftermarket / 11-24-19

GITI Tires Launches Full Passenger Car Radial Lineup

Giti Tires showcases their tires’ performance and durability in back to back events with a track day and a 4-hour endurance race

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