Columns / 04-23-21

From Le Mans ‘66 to Formula 1

A young girl’s introduction to the world of motorsport

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Columns / 01-30-21

Responsibility and Rational Optimism

The discussion today was about responsibility and rational optimism. We were in a meeting, and Toyota Motor Philippines Chairman Alfred

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Columns / 12-09-20

Busier? More fun? Back and forth with fans and friends during the pandemic

How have we ended up busier than ever? And having so much fun? We are coming up now to the

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Columns / 11-23-20

The right truck for the right place

Looking at a 4×4 truck? Why? We have very much been a truck nation. Many of the countries in our

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Columns / 11-20-20

and how are things going this year? new cars, old cars, new hobbies, old friends

So we are hitting the end of 2020 already and what do we see. Not just as part of the

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Columns / 09-19-20

Are video games good training for driving skills?

When we first started C! Magazine, we did some racing challenges that started at video games and ended on the

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Columns / 05-21-20

Is digital the auto industry’s new normal?

What’s in store for the automotive industry in the immediate future?

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Columns / 04-02-20

Social Distancing: Just like keeping a safe distance from the car in front

We’re now two weeks into the Enhanced Community Quarantine. For most of us, staying home has become the new normal.

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Columns / 03-25-20

When being quarantined can be likened to cruising on the highway

The world has slowed down. Some would even say that the world has stopped. Due to the continuous spread and

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