Features / 05-17-22

TOM’S VERSION: Check out this ultra-rare TOM’S Corolla Turbo

During the late nineties, a specially prepped, high-performance vehicle was available for anyone who had the budget for it. Brought

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Features / 05-14-22

How I Designed the Vios Cup Car

In July of 2013, I was asked to make something thousands of us wanted to do as gearheads growing up: Design a race car.

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Features / 05-13-22

OLD-SCHOOL SHOW N’ SHINE: Oldschooler Auto Club First Invitational Car Show

The Old Schooler Auto Club (OAC) recently held their first invitational car show at the roof deck parking of the

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Features / 05-12-22

This Futurist CEO is Building a Tech-Heavy Filipino Motorcycle

Lycan Motorcycles CEO John Andrew “Jaggy” Gangat

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Features / 05-11-22

JIMINY QUICK Presenting the fastest Jimny in the Metro

A few years back, the mere mention of the word Jimny had everyone thinking of going off road. But that’s

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Features / 05-05-22

Mercedes-Benz has an SUV to suit your lifestyle

Once upon a time, Mercedes-Benz had a sedan to cater to just about every size and class. There was the

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Features / 05-04-22

What is the Lexus Driving Signature?

Throughout its more than 30-year history, Lexus has been setting standards in  the luxury car game. In a bid to

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Features / 05-04-22

The Vintage Vehicle Law: What Does It Really Mean?

We take a close look at Republic Act 11698 and cross our fingers for its correct implementation.

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Features / 05-03-22

ATTENTION SEEKER This Rocket Bunny Lexus from Importhookup lights up the car show scene

Can’t hardly stay stock. That’s the kind of person Mikko Buendia is when to comes to his cars. Something which

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Features / 05-02-22

Richard Gutierrez teams up with Method Race Wheels

Concept One Wheels, the Official Distributor of Method Race Wheels in the Philippines, showcased the Jeep Gladiator of Richard Gutierrez

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