Features / 06-17-21

Tuner: 1974 Ford Escort 1300 GT

Check out this Mk1 Escort with period correct mods that elicit a groovy 70’s-vibe

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Features / 06-04-21

Issue 232: June 2021

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Features / 06-03-21

The Toyota Gazoo Racing Academy 2021

The Toyota Gazoo Racing Academy Experience was truly one for the books. It was thrilling. The whole day was exactly

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Features / 06-02-21

DGR 2021: Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride to Fight Anxiety

One of the main advocacies of DGR, or Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, is suicide prevention. 2021 marks Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, a

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Features / 06-01-21

Weather Proof: Getting our vehicles ready for the rainy season

Summer’s finally over and the rainy season is gradually starting to make its presence felt. In order to protect our

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Features / 05-31-21

Yamaha MIO: What Makes it Your Choice in AT?

The decision and purchase process amidst the pandemic  When you buy a product, you undergo a decision process. This may

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Features / 05-25-21

Rare Toy: 2000 Toyota Corolla SR VVTi

Here’s the thing, this particular 3-door hatch by Toyota wasn’t offered in Japan or anywhere in Asia which explains why

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Features / 05-25-21

Grief and Loss in the Manila Car Enthusiast Community

Boy Cordova passed away yesterday. Not many know who he was. Even I hardly knew him. Mang Boy was the

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Features / 05-13-21

Toyota Motor Philippines is driven by Kaizen to be at your service

Toyota Motor Corporation has always been driven by a Japanese saying known as Kaizen, which means constant improvement. This is

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