Features / 04-01-22

#THE5: Delivering a ride that breaks new ground on every journey

It’s time to change the way you lead with The new 5. Inspired in every measure, the 520i Luxury combines

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Features / 03-31-22

Experience the ultimate driver’s car with the BMW 318i Sport

With unmatched performance and technology, the BMW 318i Sport can help you conquer the challenges that come your way. REVIEW:

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Features / 03-24-22

JDMU “Yabangan Nights” 2022 Starting the year strong with nothing but the best modded rides

Admittedly, the past few years weren’t favorable for car enthusiasts and car-related activities like car shows and meets. A sad

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Features / 03-24-22

What ‘F’ means to Lexus

It is one simple letter: F. Yet for Lexus and the faithful who patronize the Japanese luxury marque, F stands

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Features / 03-21-22

Reimagined: A Modern Approach Towards Modding a Classic 911

I can’t explain it, but the classic Porsche 911 has become a blank canvass for tuners to express what they

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Features / 03-18-22

Tirespotting 101: How to Determine When It’s Time to Buy New Tires

Just like most parts of any vehicle that eventually get worn and need to be replaced, the same goes for

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Features / 03-15-22

5 Changes that Make the 2022 Toyota Avanza Better

When you see the all-new Toyota Avanza for the first time, I wouldn’t be surprised if it will shock you

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Features / 03-07-22

Cabin Air Filter 101: What does it do and how often should it be changed?

What Does it Do? Often neglected, the cabin air filter is an integral component of the air conditioning unit as

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Features / 03-01-22

1994 Celica GT-Four (ST205): from Arcade Dreams to Driving Reality

When Jojo Ramos was looking for a project car, his wish was to have an old school car with a

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