Features / 05-03-17

Wax On, Wax Off – How Car Wax Works

Car wax isn’t just a magic potion that makes your car shiny. There is more to it than meets the

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Features / 04-26-17

Workshop Wednesday – Proper Tire Inflation

So when was the last time you checked the air pressure on your tires? If you can’t remember the last

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Crossroad / 04-25-17

Know No Bounds – Hovercraft Philippines

It was only when I traveled 300 kilometers away from the city when I saw a vehicle without borders As

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Features / 04-19-17

Workshop Wednesday – How to drive a turbocharged car

These forced induction marvels are no longer exclusive to the track. So, how do you run them on a daily

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Features / 04-12-17

The 2017 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide from C! Magazine

Out looking for your new drive? Here we come to make your search a lot easier! For every new or

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Features / 04-12-17

Workshop Wednesday – How to properly drive with a CVT

Many of us have been driving with a CVT for years, but have we been driving it correctly? CVT, short

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Features / 04-06-17

6 reasons why the 2017 Chevrolet Trax should be on your radar

So we recently had the chance to get acquainted with the new 2017 Chevrolet Trax in Bali, Indonesia. Without a

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Features / 04-05-17

Workshop Wednesday – How to properly break-in your car

Now that you got your new car for the new year, what do you do? With the joys of getting

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Features / 03-23-17

A Fixer-free guide to getting your first Driver’s License

Words by : Mavelle Durian Photos by : Nicolas Calanoc So you need to apply for a driver’s license? Read

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Features / 03-22-17

Workshop Wednesday – Taking Care of Diesel Engines

Long Live the Diesel The popular engine choice in the Philippines is diesel. It’s cheaper, more efficient, and delivers a

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