Lotus / 04-28-21

Emira: This is the new, upcoming sports car from Lotus

Lotus has been harping about its exciting future for quite some time now. It further gave the world a glimpse

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Features / 04-28-21

The futuristic Lexus LF-Z EV could have an interior rooted in art or fashion

A few weeks ago, Lexus unveiled its latest concept, the LF-Z, which signals the brand’s electrified future. Apparently, the concept

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Lotus / 03-11-21

Lotus gets the all-electric Evija’s sounds from the legendary Type 49 race car

As cool as electric vehicles are with their futuristic vibe, many complain that they’re just a tad too quiet. To

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Lotus / 02-17-21

The Lotus E-R9 showcases the future of pure electric motorsport

As Lotus enters the era of electrification, the British car company unveils its E-R9 pure electric racer concept that showcases

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Lotus / 02-12-21

The Lotus Evija wins International Design Award for Product Design

The most premium sustainable car—this is how the judges at the prestigious International Design Awards see the new Lotus Evija

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Lotus / 02-09-21

The Lotus Elise and Exige bid farewell with Final Edition models

A few weeks back, Lotus Cars announced that it would be entering a new era real soon. In line with

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Lotus / 01-26-21

A new Lotus is coming

A new day is dawning. This is the best way to describe what’s happening over at Lotus Cars. Not only

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Lotus / 11-21-20

Lotus EV development to go full steam ahead with new battery testing facility

There’s no denying that the automotive electrification race is on. Carmakers are on the move to come up with electric

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Lotus / 10-03-20

Lotus uses its lightweight vehicle expertise to develop next-generation Electric Vehicle Architecture

It has even garnered full support and funding from the UK Government

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Lotus / 09-22-20

Short film reveals what we’ve wanted to know about the Lotus Evija all-electric hypercar

A new era is dawning at Lotus. At the forefront is the upcoming Evija all-electric hypercar. While we’ve read snippets

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