Road Safety

News / 09-09-19

C! Magazine conducts Road Safety Campaign in Team Energy

C! Magazine continues its advocacy on road safety

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News / 02-13-18

House approves ‘Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act’ on final reading

HB 6938 to require public to use child safety seats on vehicles To further promote road safety among children, the

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News / 07-10-17

C! Magazine conducts Road Safety Campaign in DLSU

100 Students from DLSU-MES were in for a day of learning To promote road safety to the younger generation, C!

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Road Safety / 06-19-17

Age before Beauty: Why tire age matters more than tread depth

In my hunt for some spare parts online to finish off the restoration of my own car, I started looking

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Road Safety / 05-25-17

Road Safety – Motorcycle Driving Attire

What are the essentials that you should wear when riding a motorcycle? Here in our country, wearing of helmets is

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Road Safety / 05-10-17

Road Safety – Child Seats

How to properly use Child Seats Everyone’s on-board safety is always of utmost importance. For adults, children, and most especially

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Road Safety / 04-20-17

Road Safety – Dear Fellow Pedestrians

An excerpt from one of us, a fellow pedestrian, motorist, and Filipina When I was in high school, I was

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Road Safety / 04-13-17

Road Safety – Common Dashboard Symbols

The first way our car communicates with us and with other motorists is with the symbols on the dashboard and

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Road Safety / 04-13-17

Road Safety – Road and Street Signs

Heed the signs, pay attention, and it could save yours or someone else’s life Driving in the Philippines can be

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Road Safety / 04-07-17

Road Safety – What to do in case of an emergency?

Always be prepared! Emergencies may strike anytime, anywhere on the road. It is best to know what to do in

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