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Features / 08-06-22

HONDA MATSURI The Honda Club of the Philippines stages a successful event

In spite of the heavy rainfall, there was no shortage of Honda car enthusiasts last week as the Honda Club

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Features / 07-12-22

SLAMMED N’ BOOSTED Check out what’s hiding under the hood that adds a lot of go-power

Introduced during the nineties, the third generation 3-series, known as the E36 offered a distinct body style and performance all

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Features / 07-03-22

SECOND TIME Check out this widebody STI build by Importhookup

Having previously owned one several years ago, Ron Bascon has a good grasp of what the Subaru WRX STI is

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Features / 06-21-22

KADETTE Here’s something different for the racetrack

Having owned, built and modded Japanese classics like a Corolla Trueno, Celica, Lancer and more, Reybel Melendrez of RPM Autoworks

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Features / 06-14-22

RETRO UPDATE Check out this Lancer that blends old and modern technology to create a modern classic

Did you know that the first-generation Mitsubishi Lancer (A70) won the Safari Rally twice in ’74 and ’76? This was

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Features / 06-09-22

RAPIDLY YELLOW Don’t mess with this highly modded Porsche Turbo S

As to be expected, the latest Turbo S proves that Porsche constantly redefines the word fast. A slight prod on

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Events / 06-06-22

TRANS SPORT SHOW 2022 Keeping the true spirit of car show competition among car restorers and tuners

Going strong for 30 years now, the annual TransSportShow remains as the longest running car show in the Philippines. Organized

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Features / 05-31-22

WIDE and GRAY: Here’s how to properly track-prep a Subaru WRX STi

Anyone who’s familiar with the annual World Time Attack championship (WTAC) race has surely heard about the Cyber Evo as

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Features / 05-24-22

Chicano: the Escort that took nearly a decade to rebuild

Call it an extra long-term project car or sheer obsession, but believe it or not, this Ford Escort took almost

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Features / 05-23-22

RUMBLE ON! The WRX STi Club Philippines 5th Year Anniversary Meet

Celebrating their 5th year anniversary, the Philippines’ Rumblekings are back as over a hundred WRX STi Club Philippines members came

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