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Features / 06-23-22

THINGS TO HAVE INSIDE THE CAR When was the last time you checked the glove compartment?

With traffic back to pre-pandemic levels, everyday driving in the Metro makes it an adventure in itself. As such, every

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Features / 05-18-22

C! Tips: How to Maintain Your Car’s Air-Con

Because no one wants to drive a car with a busted air-con system

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Features / 04-28-22

SPARK PLUG BASICS: Everything you need to know about spark plugs

Most car owners don’t think about the importance of spark plugs, yet they play an incredibly important role in how

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Features / 04-13-22

THE BRAKE JOB: Here’s how a complete brake job should be done and more

In most cases, a brake job simply entails checking/replacing the worn-out disc brake pads/shoes, sanding the pads/drum linings with sandpaper,

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Features / 04-07-22

ENGINE OVERHEAT What causes it, how to prevent it and what to do if it happens

Today’s modern vehicles come equipped with sophisticated cooling systems with numerous heat sensors and computer-controlled electric fans to keep the

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Tuner Workshop Feature / 03-30-22

Use Diesel? Here are some interesting facts about Diesel fuel

Just like gasoline, Diesel fuel is also derived from crude oil through a distillate process. But compared to gasoline, it

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Features / 03-18-22

Tirespotting 101: How to Determine When It’s Time to Buy New Tires

Just like most parts of any vehicle that eventually get worn and need to be replaced, the same goes for

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Tuner Workshop Feature / 03-17-22

Drive Belt Maintenance: Regularly check the condition of your vehicle’s drive belts

Drive Belt The vehicle’s engine comes with a number of mechanically-driven parts that are attached to it that perform essential

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Features / 02-21-22

Must-Have Turbo Diesel Engine Upgrades: Make more power with these simple tips & tricks

Given the continued popularity of Turbo Diesel-Powered vehicles, there are also quite a number of aftermarket products that cater towards

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