March 18, 2023 By Steven Edward Yu

Chery Sustains Global New Energy Trend, Makes Comprehensive Efforts in PHEV Technology

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Manila, Philippines, March 17Chery started its journey into R&D of fuel-efficient and New Energy vehicles in 1999, which made it the first Chinese auto manufacturer in the field of New Energy technology. After years of development, Chery has now perfected its New Energy Technology R&D system, covering vehicle integration, core technologies, and the development capability of core parts. This leading technological capability also enables Chery to undertake and participate in R&D for multiple major national projects, and the formulation of national standards. Moreover, Chery is on the way to completing the project of “Key Technology and Equipment for Aluminum-Based Lightweight New Energy Passenger Vehicles in Terms of Short-process R&D and Manufacturing”. To date, Chery has applied for more than 900 patents in the field of new energy and obtained more than 600 patents, leading the auto industry.

Within the field of PHEV hybrids, Chery has made breakthroughs and advancements: DHT, the full-feature hybrid transmission independently developed by Chery, has four key technological advantages with its “3 engines, 3 gears, 9 working modes and 11 speed ratios” model. In addition, Chery’s “super hybrid” offers the hybrid vehicle industry a significant solution to address the problem of weak power output.

Moreover, Chery has also developed a specialized 1.5T engine for its hybrid system. By virtue of advanced technologies such as the second generation “i-HEC” combustion system –  a new generation of intelligent thermal management for the engine – and all-dimensional, ultra-low friction components, the engine has significantly improved in thermal efficiency, reaching an industry-leading level on the whole. The specialized hybrid engine has won “The Best Engine in Brazil of 2022” award.

In support of hybrid technology, the TIGGO 8 PRO e+ (below), Chery’s first PHEV model in mass production, received global attention during its launch. With 545 Nm of maximum torque, the TIGGO 8 PRO e+ is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km/h in just 5 seconds, and has a full-electric range of up to 95 km. This powerplant boasts extremely low fuel consumption in general operation  – as low as 1.3L/100km – much lower than diesel vehicles in the same class.

In the upcoming days, Chery will keep up with the developments in the New Energy industry, and make efforts to  bring its latest products – particularly its PHEV models – to multiple markets, a prelude to the global layout of its New Energy products.

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