December 09, 2020 By Carl S. Cunanan

Busier? More fun? Back and forth with fans and friends during the pandemic

How have we ended up busier than ever? And having so much fun? We are coming up now to the end of a very odd year. One of the things that has come out of this is, we hang out online more than ever. That is important because it allowed us to do something we never really could sort out efficiently.

People liked showing up at our office, or looking us up on track or at events. They would chat but often they would just listen. And we get that. We were exactly the same, hoping for the chance to sit down and listen as people like racecar driver Pocholo Ramirez and his entire racing family would just tell stories.


Quite often at our events we would carve out time just to be able to chat with people. But it was never all that easy to organize, and often it was pushed back by the work we actually had to do. Well, in the time of this pandemic, we kind of migrated hanging out to zoom chats and the like. And we started inviting people to watch and ask questions. And people said they enjoyed it.


Now we are hitting around 25 episodes already of something started on a whim as Cars Casually. We began by talking about exactly what we normally do in the office, and we just went from there. We talked new cars, old cars, tuning and Formula 1. We teased Paolo a lot. But also, we started answering questions.


And we learned a lot. We ended up doing shows (yes, people actually called them shows) that were born from a viewer question via Facebook or Youtube or viber or a phone call. We gave our opinions, such as no your grandmother may not be all that happy in an SUV after she has had to climb up it a few times. We learned a few things from people in other countries, did you know there was such a thing as logbook service in some countries? Basically your under-warranty service didn’t necessarily need to go through your dealer. The whole learning process we have gone through has been surprisingly multi-faceted.


Something else we learned. We weren’t as pigeonholed as we were told. Yes we take great joy in telling you how a new Porsche handles. Of course we do. But a lot of this is bringing us back to our roots, talking about cars that are far more accessible and arguably far more important to most people. What do we really think about the huge wave of cars made in China? Do we actually have something positive to say about a Ford? The one we really liked was about safety. Given how much we push traction and stability systems, one viewer said, what are the least costly ways to get those features in a new car? Brilliant question. We will talk about it, we hope you join us.


So, as we should always say and most especially should say now, thank you. Thank you for helping us get through a tough year with all the support and challenge and fun that you have. Thank you for letting us explore new things and giving us your opinions and ideas.


Stay safe, stay healthy. Be humble. Be kind. And thank you.

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