January 03, 2019 By Carl S. Cunanan

Editor’s Note

We’re starting the year right with an exclusive first look at Mitsubishi’s New Strada for the Philippine market as well as some other surprises – all in our special 17th anniversary issue for January!

It’s our 17th anniversary issue, and we got to talking about underdog cars. The ones that didn’t get as much respect or attention as they deserved. Interesting timing. A bit over seventeen years ago, we were entering an industry that almost didn’t exist, with nothing but good intentions and the hope to make a difference. And frustration, actually. Frustration that at the time we had to buy cars by putting downpayments for vehicles that we weren’t allowed to test drive. Thankfully a lot has changed. Most car companies are working very hard to get people in their cars to try them out, to see what makes them different, to see what makes you feel special with them. That, also thankfully, is what makes things different now. Cars are better, more reliable, and more consistent in general. So, what pulls you to a brand or a car is more about what makes them different as opposed to what makes them reliable. One thing we applaud are the modern safety systems. Check our web and facebook posts, we put two Toyota Vios sedans to the test to demonstrate exactly what differences modern safety systems make. They can save your lives, and these systems are available in even the most mass-sold popular cars such as the Vios. You owe it to your family to check this all out, and not just look for leather seats or how many electrical outlets the car has.

So, the underdog. My choice is a little different. I see a car that is in many eyes at the bottom of the desirability level of its little family. It doesn’t have the ultra-expensive gear or the hottest setup, so many think that it doesn’t have the bragging rights needed for such a purchase. Yet it is perhaps the best example of taking historic DNA and feel and injecting it into a modern vehicle with the best combination of feel and experience and technology. It isn’t perfect in everything, but it combines things in such a way that it puts a smile on your face. And the ones I drove were both manuals and automatics, and one even had a big hole where normally a radio should be. My choice? The Porsche 911 Carrera T. As an experience, it gives you something none of the other 911s do. Only those that truly appreciate it will get it. Others will just dismiss it, which is their loss and our gain.

We are looking at another year of change, challenge and opportunity. We thank all of you for allowing us to be a part of your lives this last year, and we look forward to enabling you and educating you and entertaining you (and vice versa) even more in the years to come.

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