March 01, 2019 By Carl S. Cunanan

Editor’s Note

In our first year of C! over a decade and a half ago, we did a then-groundbreaking comparo of all the pickups available on the market. Well, as many as we could; we were still pretty new then. We had high hopes for the issue, as it was clear to us and everyone that pickup trucks were the big thing.

It turned out that for whatever reason that issue became a bit of a slow one for us. With our other covers being Porsches and Range Rovers and BMW Xs and Z4s and the like, maybe down and dirty pickup trucks weren’t as alluring as we thought. But then the pickups blossomed, and are better than ever nowadays. Mitsubishi considers the pickup truck to be most of what the world could really use, and they should know. So this issue we take a look at a bunch of them again. The results? Some are surprising, some are expected in spite of us trying to be as impartial as possible.

One thing we always mention to people who talk to us when we say that pickup trucks and their derivatives ride so well is that to remember, they are pickup trucks. Very true that they have hugely better suspensions than ever and all the modern conveniences are available across the different offerings. True also that the companies realise that many pickup trucks don’t haul cargo as much as they do people and their families and accompanying toys. As such, comfort and convenience are increasingly key. So much so that it may actually be a tough job to find a true spartan utilitarian little truck. But that’s another discussion. (End result was they got an Isuzu.)

Elsewhere, the guys were asked to look at the key points that car buyers and owners consider important and then choose accordingly. That became an interesting exercise for a group usually drawn to more passionate expositions about how you can ignore certain things (like space) because of other awesome things (like handling).

This makes us think about who we really are. We get asked about supercars and also about pickup trucks. Some people think we are only sportswear people, others think we are too heavy on the technical and geekiness. But then we go and do stuff that suddenly draws in lots of attention for what many consider the everyday workhorse vehicles. This brings us back to when we started, and because we had no idea where we would end up we kind of had to be everything to everyone. Yes I was excited about the Porsches and the Volvos, but I was even more amazed that I was actually lent a little Nissan to bring home and give my opinion on.

The other thing people keep asking about nowadays is hybrids. We think they may not be perfect but they are possibly the best answer yet for what our country is currently going through. Awesome to see more brands and more models taking the plunge even without the support that other countries have.

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