June 14, 2019 By Carl S. Cunanan

Editor’s Note

We have had a month of big change.

For one, the International Engine of the Year Awards
were held in Stuttgart, Germany once again. You can see
the results online at c-magazine.com. The selections this
year were a very good indication of what the automotive
engineering world is thinking. Even the name is different,
the name is now The International Engine + Drivetrain of the Year Awards. This helps include and class the hybrids and full electric powertrains that are on the market and coming into it. There’s now a full electric class, which was one by rather surprisingly the offering from Jaguar Land Rover. There is a hybrid class, won by the BMW i8 power plant to no one’s surprise. Ferrari took top power and enthusiast wins as well as overall. Happily, almost all  winners were engines (or powertrains) that would make enthusiasts happy. Porsche and Audi took mid-size wins and AMG-Mercedes took a big engine  win, and those are clearly sporty performers. So that’s all good.

Now on our cover is a car that is taking the basic non turbocharged engine and using technology to make the most possible out of it. They also use technology to maximise its proper use, with dynamic systems that almost make the car dance for you. But not in the crazed, somewhat suicidal way that often followed old Lamborghini sports cars, or rather supersport cars. As the Lamborghini Design Head Mitja Borkert said, we are in the renaissance era of the car world. The different disciplines all learn and grow and interact together, producing vehicles that are able to take all the influences and create something greater than the sum of its parts. True, we don’t have the raw insanity of old cars, but we also don’t have their tail-happiness or their rather scary nicknames. We may be sacrificing pure direct contact with the road, but we are gaining safety and efficiency. And honestly, most of us are quicker with all the new stuff in the cars than we ever would have been with the old.

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