November 23, 2020 By Carl S. Cunanan

The right truck for the right place

Looking at a 4×4 truck? Why?

We have very much been a truck nation. Many of the countries in our region are, arguable even more so than the USA. And with the last year being what it has been, many are looking more than ever at the stalwart work-worthy pickup truck or its back-covered SUV variant as a viable option. Even the traditional minivan consumer is being enticed by the upscale variants of pickup trucks and their SUV models. What should you know?

What do you need to think about?

For one, these vehicles are work vehicles. As nice and leather-lined as they may be, they still must be able at their base to handle the demands of a pretty tough and dirty time. Base variants may well be built to carry loads, but to get through increasingly tough terrain you often need to buy the higher-priced models. Or build your own to the specifications you need.

We have, of late, been heavily looking into trucks because of the whole idea of overlanding. Taking your truck out into the world and camping from it. We like the whole concept, especially now that we aren’t all that inclined to go to hotels and resorts where we are at the mercy of the habits of the cleaning staff. We like our bubbles the way they are, thank you. So in the case of overlanding, you bring your bubble with you. There’s a whole world of gear specifically meant for doing the overland thing, it is a deep dark pit that brings you out into the sunlight. Or the beach. Or a forest lake. It quite excites us.

What also excites us, of course, is setting up whatever it is you start with as a base vehicle. A 4×2 truck or SUV will pretty much be fine more most situations, especially when you know basically where you want to go and can realistically predict the terrain and weather. Outside that window of calm you are looking primarily at a 4×4, to get you out of situations where just two driven wheels won’t do the job. A locking differential is also a good choice depending on how rough you may really want to go. Then you have the usual choices of trim levels, audio equipment perhaps and so on for a vehicle straight off the showroom floor.

What can you do after you buy a new 4×4 truck or SUV?

Then you have the things you can play with. First on the list is usually wheels and tires. These pieces can be anything from purely aesthetic choices to purpose-built rugged gear for handling tough slogs through the mud or the cuts and abrasions possible with sharp rocks. Many countries where the population centers can be few and far between need to rely on online sellers and shippers for their 4×4 rims but it is always nice to be able to drive into a shop and pick their brain. Places like Concept One Wheels can not only outfit you but also give you advice, install gear and even put you together with other like-minded souls that want to hit the great outdoors as well. They are also good friends with Overland Kings, who are making great strides in getting people out there.

Where can you go camping?

We had these guys  on out web show Cars Casually recently, and we are now just trying to set a schedule to set up and hit a nicely set up camping facility names the Silent Sanctuary Reserve Campground. The place is actually on the premises of, and runs in support of, the DEAF School (Deaf Evangelistic Alliance Foundation). Given current circumstances, all campsites are dedicated to only one family or group at a time.

4x4 Truck drive to the DEAF School campground

The Silent Sanctuary Reserve Campground helps support the DEAF School nearby.

In the midst of all that is going on that that is teaching to appreciate and take care of what we too often take for granted, Can you think of a better thing to do right now?

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