February 28, 2018 By C! Magazine Staff Story and Images by Paulo Ferrer

2013 Toyota GT-86

An exercise in tuning

Looking at Toyota’s ZN6 platform, there are times when you can’t help but think about the heritage that comes with it. Upon its initial release, the entire tuning world welcomed it with open arms. As to be expected, it presented an ideal platform for tuning and captured the fighting spirit that its big brother had. After all, it’s highly regarded as the proverbial successor of the iconic AE86 chassis.

Realizing the performance quotient of the ZN6 is Paul Garcia, who owns this modded example he refers to as Bacon V2 (his former Civic was Bacon V1). Being adept at tinkering around with cars, his past projects include a ‘98 Honda Civic prepped for track duty, a Subaru Forester hopped up for audio pleasure, a Ford Ranger built for abuse in the streets of Manila and more recently a big Toyota SUV that is carefully being tuned to his liking.

The mods began by addressing the need for more power. Luckily, it came with a Greddy turbo kit already installed. As such, the build plan revolved around how to make it quicker. It started with an exhaust manifold from Tomei Japan to help scavenge all those gases out along with Greddy CTS Titanium mufflers. A Cusco catch can was included in the system along with a Greddy oil cooler to make sure that fluids were always at their best condition and never lacking. With over 300 horses on tap, Paul is always looking forward to putting it through its paces.

The suspension department was addressed by installing a set of Dynamics Engineering coilover suspension. An array of bars from Cusco like the front and rear strut tower, a solid sway bar, and a rear power brace make sure that the car has enough structural support when pushed its limits at the track. Making sure the rear differential stays planted is a rear differential mount from Hardrace. To round off this ZN6, a 6-piston front and a 4-piston rear big brake kit from Greddy handle the stopping duties. The insane brake setup is topped off with a clean set of limited edition Volk Racing TE37 Tokyo Time Attacks wrapped in sticky GT Radial tires.

Aero kits can get wilder and crazier nowadays most especially for those in the ZN6 tuning scene. It’s pretty easy to get lost in all the brightly colored power boosted fairy dust creations you see almost anywhere. Thankfully, that did not distract our friend. This is because he’s one of those who does their research first and plans how the car is supposed to be. As for the exterior, a simple look was achieved with a few select pieces from Stage21. Lighting was not spared from the TOM’s assault this car was going to get. A set of TOM’s taillights defines the rear while the ones up front have been modified by Redline Auto Works for that blur-free lightning and it is indeed a difference of day and night.

Making a beeline to the inside of the car, one immediately starts to notice a trend. The consistent use of TOM’s parts. Ahhh, TOM’s is always wanted but hardly available to everyone.

It’s bad enough that they are difficult to acquire locally, but it’s made worse because they are quick to discontinue some parts. Take the TOM’s steering wheel for example; it was quite a chore to get. The TOM’s carbon fiber shift knob mated to a Kartboy short shifter, push start button, aircon bezels help keep the theme running. The Icing on the build was the pair of TOM’s reclining seats, which are no longer made. These were the newer ones made by Bride Japan for TOM’s Japan. The owner kept bugging TOM’s Southeast Asia to have a pair or seats shipped to the Philippines. TOM’s wanted to accommodate, but they no longer had the seats in stock. That was a major setback. Luckily, the dealer made some calls the next thing he knew, he was having the seats installed. Leading the monitoring system is an array of Defi gauges along with the Innovate A/F gauge to closely monitor engine vital signs especially if you like keeping the car in top form.

Nothing over the top or downright crazy; just a purposeful build that still has a lot of potential. But Paul doesn’t need to hurry up and finish his 86 because it will never be finished. So let’s just say he’s just getting started so stay tuned.


2013 Toyota GT-86

Paul Garcia

Engine: 4U-GSE with Greddy Turbo Kit

Engine Mods: Greddy Bolt-on turbo kit, Tomei Expreme equal length headers, Greddy dual full exhaust with titanium tip, Cusco Oil catch can, Greddy (10-row) oil cooler kit

Other Stuff: Kartboy Short throw shifter kit

Engine Management: ECU-Tek tuned by Leo of Speedworks

Horsepower: 328 whp

Suspension/Chassis Stiffening Mods: Dynamics Coilover, Cusco (F/R) Strut tower Bars, Cusco solid sway bar, Cusco (rear) power brace, Hardrace rear differential mount support bar

Brake Mods: Greddy Big Brake Kit, (Front 6-piston / Rear 4-piston), Greddy Stainless Steel braided brake lines

Rollers: Volk Racing TE37 Tokyo Time Attack Wheels (Front 18×8, Rear 18×9), GT Radial SX2 Champiro Tires (Front 235/40/18, Rear 265/35/18)

Interior Mods: Tom’s red leather steering wheel, Tom’s Sports reclining seat, Tom’s carbon shift knob, Tom’s push start button, Tom’s accelerator pedal, Tom’s AC dial rings, Defi Racer boost gauge, Defi Racer oil pressure gauge, Defi Racer exhaust temp gauge, Defi Zd kit advanced system, Innovate Motorsports AFR gauge, Toyota Euro OEM arm rest, GCS CF style interior dress up kit

Exterior Mods: Tom’s Clear JDM taillights, ChargeSpeed CF body kits, Redline Retrofit fog light w/ hi beam, Stage21 CF Hood w/ vents, Stage21 CF ducktail, Stage21 CF Fender Garnish

Kudos to: JDMUnderground.PH, Team VcZR, Mekichi JDM, Precision24 Auto Detailing, FT86 Speed Factory, Pachuchax Racing, Autoline Motorsports Accessories, J1 Autoshoppe, JC Auto Electrical, JC Car Audio, GZ Printing Corp, Anchor International Manpower Services Inc. Artillery Creative Studio, AZG / OTG / KZG / ACV / POW

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