February 27, 2018 By Nicolas A. Calanoc Images by Jerel Fajardo

2017 Honda Jazz VX+ Navi RS

Time after time, the Honda Jazz has proved to be one of the top choices when it comes to an enthusiast subcompact car that is affordable, efficient, practical, and yet still fun to drive. With this 3rd generation not only getting a facelift across the board, but also a new RS trim, we have to ask: is adding everything but the kitchen sink worth the price tag on the VX+ Navi RS?

The Jazz I believe is something more of a personal affair than a practical one, and yet manages to both famously. With the RS trim, its already distinctive looks get even better with the help of the tailgate spoiler, gloss black 16” wheels, side grills, front bumper, and a rear diffuser. It doesn’t end there for the RS trim though, it gets LED headlights and fog lights on the outside while the interior gets fabric with orange stitching.

The Jazz is small, but don’t be fooled: it offers a lot of headroom and legroom. Considering a 5’11 and a 6’2” guy can sit in the rear passenger seat without any problem, that is saying a lot for any subcompact. The rear is just as versatile, with a flatbed 60:40 split that allows cargo creativity. Personally, I am not a fan of touchscreen infotainment systems because simplicity makes long ownership easier, but I must say that Honda made sure to put a positively tactile and responsive infotainment system, if not the best in its budget. I do have to note that the navigation doesn’t seem updated, but rest assured that Honda said that it can be updated in any dealership. Also something to note: it has a rear view camera, but no rear sensor.

If there is something that makes the Jazz, no matter what trim, desirable; it is the fact that it is space efficient, cost efficient, and a real joy to drive. It being a hatchback with a smaller wheelbase, it feels more agile when taking the corners. The 1.5L pulls really well with the Jazz, making overtaking easy through confidence building, even when filled with passengers. And when you’re not trying to go fast, its light responsive steering complements its ability to drive around the concrete jungle with ease.

Looking back at the previous Jazz-es, this new Jazz has truly has come a long way while maintaining its youthful heart. Though this maybe called a facelift, Honda did more than just change the looks. They made a Jazz VX+ Navi RS something fitting for 2017 and for years to come. If there is something the Jazz always has been, it is that it is a subcompact car that makes practicality personal, making the VX+ Navi RS the best variation of it.



Spec Box – Short

Car Model:

2017 Honda Jazz VX+ Navi RSEngine:Inline-4, 1497 cc, sohc, 16V, i-VTEC, CVTMax Power (bhp @ rpm)118 bhp @ 6600 rpmMax Torque (lb/ft @ rpm)107 lb/ft @ 4800 rpm0-100 km/h [or 0-62 mph](sec)9.8 sec.Top Speed (km/h)140 km/h (87 mph)Fuel Milage (km/L)14.3 km/L CombinedPrice as Tested (PhP)PhP 1,029,000.00What’s Great+ Easy to drive and fun to handle, distinctly good looking, 7” infotainment system is top notchWhat’s Not So- Wish it had a rear sensor to pair well with the rear view cameraC! Editors Rating9.5 / 10

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