August 04, 2020 By Gerard Jude Castillo

5 reasons why Filipinos love the Hyundai Grand Starex

Ever since it arrived in the Philippines in 1997, the Hyundai Starex has captured the hearts and wallets of Filipinos. Even if it was a gray market import with no after-sales service, many folks didn’t really seem to care as the Starex soon became a familiar sight on our roads.

Now that Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. has been an official distributor in the Philippines for almost two decades, the Grand Starex (as it is known today) continues to be a popular choice. But why is this so, you ask?

Here are 5 reasons:

1. It’s got style.

Whether we admit it or not, a lot of us Filipinos tend to gravitate towards stylish objects. And the Grand Starex, even from the get-go some 23 years ago, has had a sense of style that tends to set it apart from the competition. Sure, it’s still a full-size van. Yet the curvy engine compartment up front and little touches like the new headlights and curved side panels help to eliminate that refrigerator on wheels look that plagues most vans.

2. It’s spacious and comfortable

You naturally buy a van because you need the space. And here, the Grand Starex delivers. It’s got ample room for 10-12 passengers who sit on proper chairs. There’s also more than enough space for their luggage and gear. And little details like dual gloveboxes, overhead console, dual sliding doors, and evenly spread aircon vents add to the comfort and convenience equation.

3. It’s got the power

Sure, you don’t buy a van and expect it to give you seat-of-your-pants performance. Yet it’s assuring to know that when you need the power to overtake or climb steep inclines, the Grand Starex, with its 2.5-liter CRDI motor with Variable Geometry Turbo technology, can deliver without a hitch. Mated to a 5-speed automatic gearbox, it can give more than ample thrust and equally excellent fuel economy. Our tests show a fuel consumption figure of up to 15.7km/L on the highway.

4. It’s a safe choice

Being a people mover, the Grand Starex packs safety gear such as dual SRS airbags and a rigid structure that protects occupants in collision. That front-mounted engine mentioned earlier also helps eliminate heat and vibration often associated with flat-nosed vans and likewise aids in crash protection. And the rear underview mirror and back up sensors aid in parking maneuvers.

5. It’s flexible and versatile

While it is primarily sold as a people carrier, the Grand Starex can play different roles. Even from the start, the van layout has been used for a variety of application. It can be an 18-seater shuttle, a school bus, a delivery van, or even an ambulance. There are many ways to tailor your Grand Starex to your needs.

So, why do you love the Grand Starex?

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