July 30, 2020 By Gerard Jude Castillo

5 traditional Japanese philosophies that helped design the futuristic Nissan Ariya

The Nissan Ariya fully electric vehicle that was revealed a coupe of weeks back is one forward-thinking crossover. No question about it. It presents a peek into what we can expect from Nissan and electrified mobility in the near future.

Its advanced features, futuristic design, and cutting-edge technologies are what one can expect to find in sci-fi stories and documentaries. But no, it’s in the here and now.

But did you know that the Nissan Ariya drew inspiration from several Japanese traits? Yes, as futuristic as it is, it traces its roots to traditional Japanese philosophies that help define the soul of this electric vehicle. These include:

1. Omotenashi: This refers to the Japanese tradition of hospitality that goes above and beyond to make the visitor feel truly special during their stay. It is a kind of personal service that makes one feel at home.

The Ariya’s user interface, for instance, lights up with a warm glow from the get-go, making occupants feel that they’re not in a car but in their own personal space.

2. Iki: This refers to cutting-edge yet simplistic, fresh feeling. This can best describe the Ariya’s design—futuristic yet not too complicated. It is pleasing to the eye and may even age well.

3. Kabuku: The Ariya’s design is all about Kabuku—a bold expression that goes against the norm. The front air ducts on the bumper, for instance, aren’t what you’d find on most other cars. The design is both unique yet functional at the same time.

4. Ma: This philosophy pertains to the mastery of an open space; how efficiently it is utilized. Thanks to this, Nissan has managed to make the Ariya’s design simple yet striking, harmonious inside and out.

5. Sei: An example of clever use of structures and details, (which is what Sei means) are the buttons that are neatly integrated into the instrument panel. They seamlessly blend into the rest of the layout yet give off haptic feedback for that precise, tactile feel.

As you can see, the Nissan Ariya combines the best Japanese philosophies to come up with a forward thinking offering.

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