August 02, 2019 By Miguel C. Bichara Photos by Paulo Ferrer

A Gathering of the Rare Breed – Ducati Sport Classics

What’s kinda really rare is actually having three prominent motorcycle clubs of the Philippines, namely ATAT, Club 200 and Euro Monkeys, meet up for a quick ride and breakfast.  We all know that these three clubs have prominent seasoned riders as well as Superbike Racers as members. It will be hard to have these guys ride together on their high horse-powered Superbikes riding  as one group.  As the spirit of competition can get out of hand when riding with three different clubs.


Now, put these guys on very similar low horsepower retro sport classic bikes in today’s standards to ride together?  I would say the ride was more relaxing and the talks and discussion about each others bike’s was actually longer than the ride itself.  This was only possible as THE riders from ATAT, CLUB200 and EURO MONKEYS shared the exact same passion of riding Classic motorcycles.  Not just the “ordinary run of the mill” kind of bike ownership, but the rare kind.  Phones beeped and rang as we all decided to plan a Saturday morning  ride down South and back to Metro Manila (BGC. Taguig) for our first breakfast meet and greet on our rare Ducati Sport Classics.

Yes,  these are old Ducati Sport Classics ranging  from 2002 to 2010. They have been restored, customized and accessorized in a very tasteful manner. Keeping that Classic look and feel. Like several owners who brought their Limited Edition pristine 2002 Ducati MH900e’s.  These bikes are Retro Sport motorcycles made by Ducati in 2001 and released in 2002 with a limited run of 2,000 units only worldwide.  These bikes are now worth more than they were brand new! Really!!

These Retro Ducati Modern Classic Café racers was penned and designed by Ducati Designer Pierre Terblanche. He started his career in advertising but felt the need to move into the design world. After moving to Germany and working with Volkswagen design, he worked at Cagiva’s research Center in San Marino under the Direction of Massimo Tamburini. When Cagiva who owned Ducati at that time decided to sell Ducati to a US Based company TPG-Texas Pacific Group, Pierre Terblanche chose to follow Ducati. He was responsible for the bikes you see in these photos…all the bikes from the 2002 MH900e to the 2006 Ducati Paul Smarts and 2006 – 2010 SportClassic 1000s were all designed by him. In 2007 he left Ducati to pursue other interests. So by 2010 all these bikes halted production and were never produced again making them one of the most sought after Classic Ducatis in Modern era. These bikes were incidentally named after two prominent figures in Ducati’s racing history.

For those who don’t know who Mike Hailwood and Paul Smart is, here is a brief racing history. Mike Hailwood is a famed British Motorcycle racer that was commissioned by Ducati to race the 1978 Isle of Man TT on a Ducati Vtwin. Mike Hailwood won that race. Known affectionately as “Mike The Bike”,  Hailwood was World Champion more times than most people can remember, he won more races in the Isle of Man. He also Raced a Mclaren Formula One car. Left bike racing for 11years and when he went back, he won two more Isle of Man TT races. He is one of the greatest motorcycle racers of all time. If you don’t know what the Isle of Man TT races is all about…I suggest you google it and go to Youtube.   Strap yourselves though, as It is often called “one of the most dangerous racing events’ in the world. It’s actually a Public road course closed down to hold races which was started sometime in 1907.  Its is scary seeing these riders blow past houses, gates, electrical posts, sidewalks and spectators at speeds over 100 mph!!

What about Paul Smart…Also, another Retro Sport classic Replica named after the famed English rider which was also designed by Pierre Terblanche. Well, Paul Smart was also another former English road racer who made his mark riding Nortons and Triumphs in the 1960’s.   In 1972, he was racing a two-stroke Kawasaki H2 in the US and was offered to race in Italy at the Imola 200 on an “un-tried” Ducati 750 Racer.  This was essentially a stripped down Ducati 750 GT fitted with the Iconic Desmodromic Heads. To his surprise this 750GT from Ducati was a rocket.  He and his team mate on the same bikes dominated the qualifying and the race itself,  finishing in a One-two before the rapturous home crowd.

The Ducati Factory eventually responded with a road going replica in 1974, the revered “Green Frame and Silver Flake Body work”  750 SuperSport which was the inspiration for designer Terblanche and Ducati to create these 2006 modern Sport classics called the Paul Smart 1000 in the photos.  Also only 2,000 units were made world wide of these Green framed, silver metallic flaked Paul Smart Classic 1000s.

All the bikes you see in the photos are mostly fuel injected with a bit of modern electrics but no ABS, no Traction Control and not even Bluetooth sensing smartphone electronics which many modern bikes are equipped as standard nowadays. These are just the Basic “man and machine”  classic Modern Retro Sport bikes of our modern era. The Red 2002 Ducati MH900e’s were all carburated as the Sport Classic range got their first taste of fuel Injection in 2006.

So only with these kind of Modern Retro Ducati Sport Classic motorcycles got them teaming together like young kids, showing off their toys and discussing the next project, custom job, accessory needed or the next breakfast ride play date.

We gathered lots of Ideas from each one, lots of laughs and best stories ever.

So, who says fastboys from ATAT, CLUB 200 and EURO MONKEYS can’t ride together, is a complete preconception.  Till the next one Bratha’s!

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