October 31, 2018 By Maynard Marcelo Photos by by Jerel Fajardo

Apocalypse Not: A W2W Halloween Special

MANILA, 2018 – It’s been 28 months to the day since hell unleashed its curse upon the living. People, one after another, started manifesting these flu-like symptoms until they lose consciousness and expire. After an hour or so, they rise becoming these mindless and bloodthirsty corpses, devoid of memory, fear, or emotion. They walk endlessly in search for their next meal. My brief encounters with them revealed that they prefer a diet of human blood, flesh, and innards. Like the zombies you see in movies, bullets are totally useless against them unless you blow their brains out, or whatever it is that’s left inside their skulls.

Nobody knows exactly how it all started. Radio news reports the night before the power completely went out said a terrorist group called ISIS was working on a genetically modified strain of the Ebola virus as a chemical weapon when it accidentally went off, spreading rapidly throughout North and South America, then to the Middle East, Africa, Europe and to China, wiping out entire populations overnight. Other survivors say it’s a mutated strain of the bubonic plague, or the Black Death, as they called it, which killed 25 million people in Europe during the 14th century. Whatever it is, like a really bad dream, I woke up to a totally different world. We’re lucky our country is composed of several thousand islands separated by water otherwise the plague might’ve spread faster.

Like a Bad Dream


So there I was, like the walking dead that surround me, I walked aimlessly in search of food and potable drinking water for these are essential items for long term survival. What I found instead was an abandoned 2018 model Suzuki Shooter 115 FI. Just the bike I needed if I were to escape this zombie apocalypse. What makes the Suzuki Shooter special are the two letters: FI, for Fuel Injection. Fuel is scarce, gasoline stations all but dried up not long after the deadly riot of 2016, and fuel injection is designed to maximize every drop of fuel. Most of the time I only get my fuel from abandoned vehicles, so it’s truly a blessing that the Suzuki Shooter 115 FI can squeeze 63 kilometers from a liter of precious unleaded gasoline. Probably more if I’m not constantly being chased by these mindless walkers. Nevertheless, a 3.7-liter fuel tank capacity averages me 230 to 233 kilometers before I go looking for another vehicle to scavenge fuel from. It may not be much compared to backbone motorcycles, but it’s just enough for me to last more than a week of hunting and gathering around the now deserted city.


Aside from food and clean drinking water, I now consider the Shooter as a vital tool for my very survival and I absolutely love everything about it. Like a really loyal friend, its motor never fails me and it fires up instantly every time I push the starter button. There’s even a back-up kick-starter when the battery finally decides to go south. The instrument cluster, while simple looking, looks tidy and has a large and well-lit speedometer, a useful fuel gauge, and a gear position indicator to always remind me to shift to a higher gear to help conserve fuel.


The speedometer shows a top speed of 140 km/h, but I say that’s a bit on the optimistic side because I only managed to reach 108 km/h on a long stretch of level road. But I know that’s plenty fast in the urban jungle, and for running from zombies of course. Other attributes I love about the Shooter 115 FI is its nimble handling and powerful front disc brake. You see, like pedestrians in Metro Manila not too long ago, these walkers have a nasty habit of appearing out of nowhere and then diving towards you. With the Shooter’s agile handling, it allows me to perform evasive maneuvers while its powerful front disc brakes prevents me from turning into dinner for a mob of hungry walkers. With no electricity, it can get pretty dark at night. Thank goodness the Shooter is equipped with a bright multi-reflector headlight that cuts through pitch darkness.

Just a Dream


Then I woke up to a bright sunny morning, relieved everything was just a bad dream. It’s probably the result of watching too many episodes of The Walking Dead TV series. Well, it’s not the zombie apocalypse just yet, but commuting by public transportation in Metro Manila feels so darn close, if you know what I mean. Contemplating the merits of the Suzuki Shooter 115 FI, it could be the great partner that you need for your daily commuting survival in the Metro. Life, they say, is a constant struggle, and what could be more valuable than a well-built, reliable and handsome looking motorcycle that could help you save time and money on fuel during your daily commute? In the long run, it’s not about how much money you make, but how much money you can save in the bank that matters. Happy Halloween from us here in Wheel 2 Wheel!

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