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ATTENTION SEEKER This Rocket Bunny Lexus from Importhookup lights up the car show scene

Can’t hardly stay stock. That’s the kind of person Mikko Buendia is when to comes to his cars. Something which also holds true for his father as well, proving the saying that “the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.” The most noteworthy from his long slate of previous rides include a BMW 320d M-Sport with a custom body kit wrapped in Avery Dennison Speed Yellow, coil overs, and Linea Corse wheels. Currently, he has a Lexus IS350 F-Sport with a TRD body kit rolling on Vossen CVT wheels. Impressive enough, but it doesn’t embody the arresting visual impact that his Rocket Bunny-clad Lexus RC-F projects that accounts for plenty of jaw-dropping attention wherever it rolls.


Viewed from a stock perspective, there’s no mistaking the RC-F for any other coupe with its signature Lexus ‘Spindle Grille’ and flowing roof line. But it’s not just about looks either as Lexus made sure it came loaded with a complete arsenal of performance that’s directed towards spirited driving. Adhering to his mantra of ‘Can’t hardly stay stock’, as soon as Mikko took delivery of his RC-F, it was immediately modded with a TOM’S Carbon fiber front lip, side skirt and an RSR coil over kit, but it just wasn’t up to what MIkko had in mind as he recalls, “After a few months of riding around town, I wasn’t satisfied on how my RC-F was dressed up. I want a car that would break necks on the streets. After realizing what parts were needed along with an initial plan, I consulted and got all my stuff from Keith Bryan Haw (KBH) of importhookup for he’s the go-to guy if you want to import car parts in the country.”


Wide over fenders have become a staple in the car show scene, so much that it has become synonymous with wide wheels and air suspension. Much of the credit for this phenomenon goes to TRA Kyoto’s Kei Miura. Creator of the awesome Rocket Bunny wide body kits that’s become a universal body style treatment. Something Mikko is well aware of the moment he saw a Rocket Bunny clad-RC-F while he was in the States. “The unique curves of the Rocket Bunny kit alone make the car look sexier in all angles. How wide it is gives it a certain presence on the road.” It’s a multi-piece kit far from your ordinary bolt-on kit as this one involves slightly massaging the wheel arches. The whole install and the ultrasonic blue mica refinish was done at Alex Car Restoration where they ensured that every aftermarket panel lined up together with a killer paint job, I believe the results speak for themselves.

In order to properly fill the gaping wheel arches, custom wheels were ordered from Platinum Design forged wheels. Featuring an intricately machined wheel center, the 3-piece wheel also comes with polished wheel barrels and candy blue colored hardware which absolutely looks great. But it wouldn’t be complete without an electronically controlled air suspension system to bring the body that much closer to the ground with just a flick of a switch. With the AirRex setup Mikko can comfortably cruise through the city streets, or drop it directly onto the asphalt as he adds, “The difference from the RS-R coil overs that I used to have is Night and Day. Way better for Manila roads, humps, steep parking areas. The convenience and comfort from the AirRex + AccuAir air suspension is totally worth every penny.” The whole install was accomplished by Car Porn racing including a custom lighted enclosure inside the trunk area.

Under the hood is where things get serious as Lexus has already equipped the RC-F with a V8 powerplant that makes close to 500 horses. Quite substantial but it doesn’t seem to be quite enough for Mikko’s quest for something different. Aside from the Armytrix valvetronic exhaust, future plans entail installing a supercharger kit that would really elevate its power quotient way, way up there. It may be wild on the outside, but deep inside it’s still a Lexus with plenty of luxurious accommodations as one would expect, thus making it a pleasant car to drive around in. Obviously, this modded Lexus is far from the factory’s intentions, aesthetics, and performance. But there’s something about that Rocket Bunny kit that just works so cohesively with the flowing body lines of the RC-F and the impeccable metallic blue mica paint that demands attention. “Seeing it being photographed during the Transport Show; random people asking about the it; curious kids asking if they can ride. That alone satisfies me which I could then say the build was successful. This still happens after the show, whenever I park my Rocket Bunny RCF during weekends at Cars & Coffee. And hell yes! Every time I go to a restaurant, I always park on a slot where I can see my car while I’m having my meal. Cue Satisfaction by Benny Bennasi.” Like I said this modded Lexus demands attention wherever, whenever.


2016 Lexus RC-F

Mikko Buendia


Engine & Transmission

5.0L V8 (471 hp) with an 8-speed AT

Armytrix full exhaust valve-system


Exterior Mods

Rocket Bunny v1.5 Body Kit (no canards)

Aimgain Spoiler (to be installed)


Paint & Body

Alex Car Restoration using Ultrasonic Blue Mica 2.0



AirRex Air Suspension Struts with AccuAir E-Level system,

Custom lighted enclosure by Car Porn Racing,



Platinum Design Forged S-72 Signature Series 3-pc. Wheels,

Brushed gun metal face, polished step-lip with candy blue hardware,

20×10.5 front, 20×12.5 rear,

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires (275/30/r20 front, 305/30/r20 rear)


Kudos To

Paint & Install of body kit: Alex Car Restoration by Alex Isip

Air Suspension Install: Car Porn Racing by Angie King

Parts imported by: Import Hookup by Keith Bryan Haw

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