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BE at Home

Be Grand Resort Hotel: A Hidden Gem of a Resort

There is a place in Bohol where you are transported to a whole new experience of the island life. If you’re going to Bohol this Holy Week, driving from Tagbilaran City to Panglao Island is going to be worth it — the view of incredible seaside highways, and traversing past to Chocolate Hills. But getting home from the Tour de Cebu nautical run was what we all looked forward. This home was the Be Grand Resort Hotel.

The Beach at first glance

When you enter the lobby, walk towards the patio where you will be given a scenic view of the pool and the beach.  It’s not your typical sandy beach though. The beach is a breakwater type and yet it’s still picturesque as the ones you see in many Mediterranean beaches.

You can relax here with ready chaise lounges where you can sun bathe or just sit to enjoy the view of the sea at sunset. They also have canopied chaises if the sun is too high. In the distance there is a pod dock system that floats on the water which leads to where visitors can have diving lessons by the hotel’s certified instructors.

The Hotel Rooms and Villas

The hotel rooms are strategically positioned to have a view of the pool and the sea which is a bonus. They have villas that are custom made to be suitable for a family on vacation and private ones for couples who are on their honeymoon.

The eclectic interior of all hotel rooms and villas give these living spaces a warm and inviting atmosphere. What is interesting is that aside from the comfortable beds and complete amenities, all villas and hotel rooms were designed to allow natural sunlight to shine through which gives the rooms a complete homey ambiance.  Bathrooms in suites have sun roofs and all rooms and villas have verandas.

BE Grand’s The Food Hall

BE Grand’s Food Hall was our champion in our stay. Their fusion of Filipino cuisine and mixed Asian influences was enough to make our mouth water with anticipation. Their menu made sure that it describes each item with the words “crispy”, “slathered”, and “perfection” – and it’s all true to a tee. We recommend that you order the King Prawns with Chili-Mango Salsa for starters. The prawns are excellently cooked that it melts in your mouth and the chili-mango salsa that has just the right spicy kick just adds to the whole party-in-your-mouth experience.

Follow that with Ngohiong Rolls (pronounced as “ngo-yong”) and a bowl of Yangchow rice topped with Peppered Prawns.

For dessert, order the mind-blowing 14-ingredient Halo-halo. The 14 ingredients are(1) leche flan bits, (2)sweet corn, (3)sweet black beans, (4)sweet kidney beans, (5) macapuno, (6) ube, (7) ube ice cream, (8)green nata de coco, (9) red nata de coco, (10) white nata de coco, (11) red kaong, (12) green kaong, (13) pinipig, and the sweetest twist of all – (14) sapin-sapin bits.

If you want to be more adventurous, try out their buffet.  Anything you order as your main is just as memorable, we don’t think we can fit all the praises in one article. Maybe we will have a separate feature on Be Resort’s food. Now, that would be a delicious trip! If you’re calorie-conscious though and want to burn all of that, there’s always the basement gym that is free to use for hotel guests.

BE Grand Resort, Bohol is located south of Panglao Island. A hidden gem of Bohol, it’s no surprise that the Tour De Cebu party came back to BE Grand Resort Hotel, Bohol.

To know more about BE Grand Resort, you may visit their website at

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