February 20, 2020 By Nicolas A. Calanoc

Buying A New Car Before The All-New

In the process of buying a new car that is at the tail-end of its production cycle, I bet you have heard one of your buddies say, “Wait for the all-new one to come out!” As much as it has merit, I think that buying a new car of the current generation at its endgame might be a smarter move. Here are things to consider on why to get a new car before the all-new car arrives:


Price and Discount
When an all-new model is on its way, showrooms prepare inventory space by selling the current model as fast as they can. One of the best ways to do it is by selling the vehicles at a discounted price to attract customers into buying said model. Sometimes they add freebies as well just to sweeten the deal, making the value of the vehicle even higher.


Standard Equipment
If there is one thing I do notice, it’s that the standard equipment between the tail-end of a current generation and an all-new car is closer than the first release and final facelift of a vehicle. When buying the outgoing model of a car, you are buying the one that will probably have the most equipment attached to it.


Cars have an average production cycle of 5 years. This means that when you buy a brand-new vehicle on its last leg of production, that said vehicle would have had people with experience on it. This translates to a lot of information with regards to maintenance online. Also, if there were any quirks at the start, manufacturers would have solved it by then.


Information and Resources
When a car has lived its full production life, there is a high probability that the tuner scene has develop upgrade parts for the vehicle. This means that instead on depending on spare parts solely on the manufacturer, you can find replacement parts through surplus or tuner shops, which makes the car ownership even more comfortable.


Being Contented
There will always be something better than the car you are looking at. But the difference is that you can’t predict the price and the quality of the all-new car. The current brand-new car though, you already know the price and how it will fare on the next 5 years. What is more important though is to evaluate what you need in a car and if that car fulfills it and does it well, then that should put you at ease even when the all-new car comes out.

So if you are afraid of having buyer’s remorse about the all-new car coming out soon versus the one you are eyeing at, don’t be discouraged. Although buying an all-new car does have its merits, buying the final facelift of a car in brand new condition does have its perks too.

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