August 27, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

Deconstructing Titillating And Educational Content: A Deep Dive Examination

A person can choose not to take a bath for a week or year. But if that person stinks, it stinks.

Welcome to the internet. If this is your first time here, this is a platform where many people are interconnected by means of communication. It has a lot of pros and cons and in this new age it is one of the primary sources of information.

Other than information, it is also one of the most go-to platforms for entertainment. The motorcycle industry is one of those who utilize this platform to disseminate product information, marketing, so on and so forth. Motorcycle marketing has evolved into tapping creators into making content. In a marketing perspective, numbers matter. The objective is to send product information to as many eyes as possible and pray to God the phone lines will ring for any product interest. The why is solved, but what about the how?

A lot of people forget that some social media platforms provide a documented form of community standards and ethics to regulate content. It involves violence, harm, sexually explicit and even racism. The penalties involved could be account suspension or even banning for violating such kind of internet rules.

Definition of Titillating And Educational Content.

Recently, Makina dropped a 3-series bombshell calling out motorcycle law-breakers. Recording and putting it up online as content. The series is popularly called as Titillating And Educational content, the acronym of which in the english vernacular is poop content. The channel gave birth to a term for motorcycle vloggers recording illegal motorcycle behavior on public roads and putting it on social media channels for content. Titillating And Educational Content has no moral compass and does not care about consequences whether it deals personal harm to the creator or to others on public roads. Take note that no personalities were mentioned in the first two parts but some of them reacted to the video. Some other local media already called out one motovlogger who usually makes overspeeding videos online.

For the Views.

When social media platforms started monetizing content online, it was a hit. The Philippines is one of the heaviest internet users in the world and people took the opportunity to cash in this way. The formula is relatively simple, get as many subscribers as possible and get as many views as possible thus earning as much as possible. But here’s the catch, you have to keep on making content. The topic can be about anything. But there are certain community standards that should be observed. There is some reality based content which operates within the bounds of local government laws and citizens are made to comply or else face certain consequences. There are some instances where some content needs to have some shock-value in order for it to stand out. For the sake of viewership, some lines are crossed unfortunately.

The Serious Effects of Titillating And Educational Content

Bloggers and Vloggers are now also called Influencers. By definition, they are opinion based promoters of certain products or services, but are not necessarily facts or truths. The effectiveness of a certain content is solely based on the ‘gullible’ audience, acceptability and reaction based. Contents can produce market data and basically show audience quality. The effects can be good, but for Titillating And Educational contents, recorded acts of reckless driving, can result in a recorded accident waiting to happen, to self and others. Unregulated content can also pose a bad influence for a younger audience.

What can you do about Titillating And Educational Content?

Reporting is one of the best ways to control inappropriate content. Not only can it flag a content for community standard review, it can also demonetize creators if proven violating rules. 

Titillating And Educational Content as Evidence

Videos are also strong evidence against any violation of law, especially if it poses threat or danger to the public. It has been a wild practice for local motovloggers dare-devilling themselves to push the limits of motorcycle speed, and surprisingly becoming standard content for motorcycle vloggers. They are only pinning themselves for authorities to crack them down.

The motorcycle industry is one of the driving forces in the economy by means of providing easy mobility for everyone. It is also one of the fastest growing industries and yet to hit its plateau demand, but also most prone to discrimination. There are a lot of ways to improve the condition, and it starts with basic safety riding and education. I leave you with this question. Who on earth records own law violation and puts it up on the internet?


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