February 13, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

DIY Car Care? Not just for enthusiasts anymore

The more you know about your car, the better

rotating your tires

Many car enthusiasts and car club members are used to working on their cars themselves, whether doing minor work or going all the way to sourcing parts from all over the world. Indeed, that may be the only way some beloved rides can be kept running. With all that has happened last year though, many regular car owners were faced with doing the work themselves, or at least wanted to avoid going to crowded shops and streets like Banawe for their parts.

car battery change

Some things are easy. Batteries for example are fairly simple and straightforward. In some areas and indeed with some cars, you may want to check and see what is available before you go and have your battery checked and changed, and in reality even a simple battery change is more complicated with all the modern electronics. You can go to an online resource such as a battery finder, depending on where you are, and then go directly to that shop. Or you can take advantage of battery delivery services that will send a motorcycle-riding serviceperson to you, and even bring a credit card machine. 

oil change

What about fluids? Oil, transmission fluid? Some people even get stymied by windshield washer fluid changes. Don’t be. You have to do your homework, and it should all be fine at least for the windshield washer. Transmission fluid changes are work for a shop, and even oil changes on modern cars need more than just crawling underneath and loosening a bolt.

changing a tire


There are things though that you really should know how to do, such as at least knowing how to change a tire in case you get a flat. Changing the actual rubber though means going to a shop as it requires the proper tools and even machines. It would be useful though to know as much as possible about your tires, your car and what you actually need before you go.


cleaning a car interiorDuring the pandemic, it actually happened that car owners found their car brand service centers closed when they got there, such was the world for the last year or so. It really pays for you to get more in touch with your car, from knowing the actual make, year and model in case you need to buy parts to sourcing the parts numbers and taking photos yourself. Many people suddenly got reacquainted with, if not initially acquainted with, how to properly clean and disinfect a car interior. 

All this makes us more knowledgeable and more comfortable with our cars, more self-sufficient, more confident and less likely to be tricked into something you don’t need. All that is a good thing. And, as many of us car guys know, very fulfilling.

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