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Everyday Car Carry: Having You And Your Car Prepared.

What should you have in your car in today’s world?

We are all used to having more stuff as part of our daily use bag or our everyday carry. How does this apply to our car?

car emergency preparedness kits

Being ready with the right gear makes things safer whether its with the car or on your own.

There are things we should have that will prove useful, and not necessarily what you might think. Here are some of the basics past things like car maintenance stuff, extra fluids and rags and work gloves and such in case you need to get dirty.

masks gloves sanitizer

Personal items like masks, gloves, sanitizers and so on are good to keep as spares, but remember not to leave alcohol in the car. Maybe wet wipes instead.

Personal Hygiene and safety gear. Masks, gloves, face shields, sanitizers, wipes, alcohol. Whatever is needed in your environment that you personally now carry, only enough for others as well. And a manageable bag to carry it in.

water bottle

Bring water, both full and empty bottles can be useful. And replace regularly so you aren’t faced with stale supplies.

Food and water. Keep some extra bottles of water handy, both full and empty. Also some snacks. This is smart in general but also during these pandemic times when you may not want to interact with others but need sustenance.


Might be a good idea to keep medicines in the car, especially if family members have particular needs. Check and rotate though.

Medicines you may need. It doesn’t hurt to have extras stashed in your car, maybe copies of prescriptions as well.

personal toiletries

It may be useful to keep a bag of toiletries, cleansers, wipes and bags available.

Personal toiletries, like a pee bag, plastic bags and even toilet seat papers and wet wipes.

mobile phone wall charger

The most asked for item in hospital ERs? phone chargers. Your car plug won’t do you any good if you’ve left your car.

Charging gear for your phone. You will probably have a cord to connect to your car but you may also want to bring an extra plug-in wall charger and cord. Because when you ask ER doctors, they will tell you that chargers are the most asked for thing when people visit them. Also include a battery pack, and make sure you have the right cords for it.

Extra cash. Enough for parking, phone calls, even thank-you for those that may help you. Or pay for gas if power is out.

Then there is some just-in-case stuff.


Knives may be cool, but multitools are far more versatile. And portable if you need to leave your vehicle.

A proper multi-tool. Not one of those cheap giveaways that may break on you, a good one.

first aid training and kit

Yes we said a kit, but this is a better way to tell people that training is just as important

A First-Aid Kit, and the ability to use it. Even things like band-aids and scissors and such can come in handy, but there’s nothing wrong with taking first-aid classes as a family or group.

Emergency Medical Information. Do you or those that travel with you have allergies or special medical conditions?

notebook pen and paper

Simple but surprisingly useful. Notes of an accident when they other guy has none are surprisingly beneficial

Pen and Paper or notebook with detachable sheets. This is very useful on a regular basis, and especially now if you need to say something to a building or village guard and don’t want to roll down your window or interact. Also if you do have an accident it allows you to write down your thoughts, make sketches, give others notes such as if your car needs to be towed.

lawyers and doctors

Stuff you hopefully never need, but great when you do. Contact information for key people and services.

Emergency Contact Information, phone numbers and emails. This should include family members and possibly specific doctors you may need, but others as well. Know a towing service you can call, we use the AAP. Having your insurance agent’s information on hand is very useful, and in some cases especially when travelling it pays to know the numbers of good car accident lawyers. Hopefully though you never need these.

emergency supplies

Yes be prepared, but also be realistic. You may have too much to carry.

Some people go as far as preparing a walk-home bag with extra shoes, clothes, a backpack and so on. This isn’t that far-fetched a need when you realize that floods lately have risen unexpectedly in many parts of the world. You may need to park your car (if you can) and walk somewhere. Remember though that you need to be able to carry the bag, so don’t overload it.

car flooding driving through floods

Know how deep your car can actually go, and be ready if you need to leave it.

All of these and more tell us that we need to be more prepared than ever. Things we take for granted in regular use may suddenly be crucial. Use this list as a way to start thinking about being better prepared, and revisit it often and adjust as needed. Your mindset is your most valuable tool.

car accident what to do

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