November 24, 2021 By Gerard Jude Castillo

Experience Lexus from the palm of your hands with the myLexus Mobile App

When one thinks of mobile apps, the thing that usually comes to mind is a cold, impersonal environment devoid of feelings. Yet Lexus and its newly launched myLexus Mobile App beg to be different.

It’s all about the user journey. Lexus, as you may know, is about the brand experience—how smooth the ride is or the attention to detail given to each vehicle. The same holds true for the lxLexus Mobile App.

Users get to experience the premium Japanese marque the moment they open the app. For instance, one can go for a quick tour of the virtual showroom to see what’s on offer. Once they’ve chosen a particular vehicle, they can take a more detailed look, getting to know its specifications, features, and everything there is to know.

Current Lexus owners are likewise invited to use the App to maintain their vehicle. Service history, as well as other pertinent vehicle information, can be stored to help them get the most of their prized ride. In line with this, one can even explore the different features of each Lexus model, maybe even giving them a pleasant surprise to know their Lexus is capable of such things, for example.

And of course, the latest news will be sent to their mobile device, along with invites for upcoming events in their region or country. They might just be pleased to know that a new Lexus is coming their way, in for their planned upgrade.

Yes, the myLexus Mobile App gives new and existing owners the opportunity to experience Lexus right in the palm of their hands. It’s about getting a taste of Omotenashi or the Japanese hospitality that Lexus is known for—albeit from their handheld mobile device.

The myLexus Mobile App is now available for download for Android and iOS users.

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