June 28, 2019 By Angel S. Rivero Photos by the author and Samsung Press

Fancying the Samsung Fitlab

Korean tech giant Samsung launched a series of workshops tailored specifically for individuals who have an interest in entrepreneurship, photography, videography, gaming, and even fitness – dubbed the Samsung PASS10N Lab series. The title is an obvious wordplay on the brand’s latest mobile product, the Galaxy S10 – an android smartphone that boasts many new innovations in its display, camera and overall performance. The global launch of the smartphone also coincided with Samsung’s celebration of its 10 years since the launch of its very first Galaxy S.

The 6th session of the proprietary PASS10N Lab series was Samsung’s ‘Fitlab’ – particularly a Yoga session led by Dinang Salonga, with the special participation of radio deejay, host, sportscaster and yoga enthusiast, Boom Gonzales. The Yoga activity was held in partnership with one of Makati’s well-visited studios, Yoga+.

Yoga is an attractive fitness regimen for decreasing tension and anxiety – especially after spending several hours cramped within vehicles stuck in traffic. It aims to lengthen the muscles in the long term, and improve blood flow through the body. It not only promotes a huge improvement in one’s flexibility, but also gradually increases one’s muscle strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health.

Having said that, the Samsung Galaxy S10 showcases itself as an ideal smartphone for yoga enthusiasts who are constantly on the go, such as Boom Gonzales.

The S10 forms part of the Galaxy Ecosystem, which basically links all Samsung devices together to work in synergy. This is especially useful when one wishes to use his or her S10 to charge his or her other smartphones or compatible wearables – such as the Samsung Galaxy Buds or Galaxy Watch Active – while on the go, or during a workout. This is because the S10 has a Wireless Powershare feature, that allows it to charge other devices by simply placing these devices on top of it (physically).

The S10 is also known to automatically optimize its own battery usage, CPU, RAM, and even its own device temperature – a handy feature, especially during intense sports activities, when your attention is focused elsewhere. Moreover, this independent optimization also gives you the convenience to run multiple apps on your device at once, without having to experience any lags.

The smartphone also carries a Samsung Health App that includes the option to playback guided meditation files or selected types of music that are meant to help users to either focus, relax, or simply fall asleep. The App even has its own parameters to measure your heart rate and/or stress levels… and thereby is able to suggest you a relevant fix – such as a proposal for you to hit the yoga mat, or to simply work on some simple breathing exercises, wherever you are.

Finally, the app is also capable of: recording one’s health goals; sharing health-related content with others; and offering challenges within set communities. It can even automatically detect when you start your workouts!

Should you find yourself going on a diet, food tracking is also made easy with its Bixby Vision App – a piece of software that can feed you with nutritional information and the predicted amount of calories of a certain type of food – simply by taking a photo of that food!! Where was this, all my life!?

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