June 15, 2022 By Nicolas A. Calanoc

The Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re still looking for the perfect surprise for your pop with his big day just a few sleeps away, you’ve come to the right place. We round up the top 5 gift ideas for your father or for your father figure that got you into cars.


No. 5: Cordless Drill

Whether it is drilling a hole on the wall for housework or using a drill brush for interior detailing your car, a cordless drill will get the job done with convenience of not being restricted to your outlet. What’s great about a cordless drill is that it is a versatile tool that has many attachments for so many use cases. And when it comes to cars, there is so much work that can be done with a really good cordless drill. Make sure to buy from a reputable brand so that you can use the battery system for other cordless tools.

Recommendation: Makita DF488D002 G-Series Li-Ion Cordless Drill

Price: PhP 9,850 


No. 4: Torque Wrench

Take your wrench game to a whole new level with a torque wrench. It isn’t enough just to tighten bolts. If you look at specification manuals, you will find out that every bolt has a desired torque spec so that you put things in place just right. If your father is into DIY or fixing his car on his own, a good torque wrench would certainly be the perfect gift for any gearhead’s garage.

Recommendation: EPAuto 3/8-inch Drive Click Torque Wrench, 10-80 ft./lb. (13.6 – 108.5 N/m) – ST-10B-1

Price: PhP 3,450 


No. 3: Emergency Roadside Kit

Sometimes the best way to show your dad that you care is by making sure that he is safe. The best way to do just that is by making sure that his car has an emergency kit on standby. Have a dead batt? Jumper cables or car jump starter to the rescue. Flat tire? Here comes the air compressor for the small tire problems and a reflective road sign for the bigger problems. Need to be towed? Would be great to have a towing cable. You can buy emergency roadside kits online or assemble one yourself!

Recommendation: 12 Pcs Car & Roadside Emergency Kit, Multipurpose Emergency Pack Car Premium Road Kit Essentials

Price: PhP 1,200


No. 2: Insulated Coffee Thermos

With so many styles, colors, and combinations out there; a insulated coffee thermos that fits perfectly to a car’s cup holder is a nice personalized gift that can be used by your dad every day. The best part about it, it isn’t limited to just coffee! Not only will it prolong his morning brew, but it will keep him company at work making sure that his beverage of choice is at its optimal temperature as long as possible.

Recommendation: 500ml Double Stainless Steel Coffee Thermos Mug insulated coffee cup

Price: PhP 260


No. 1: Little Trees Air Freshener

There are many air fresheners out there, but this one is extra special because it hits the nostalgia as much as it smells fresh. The Little Trees Air Freshener is an automotive icon on its own right, signifying that wherever it is hanging is fresh. Today, Little Trees have a lot of variations from fiber cans to vent wraps if air freshness is the only concern. But for those who want to have that classic ornament for everyone to see, there is always the green Little Trees Royal Pine Air Freshener to show the age of wisdom of the driver. 

Recommendation: Little Trees Air Freshener

Price: PhP 80 


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