September 26, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff Words and photos by Maki Aganon

FitAir Portable Air Purifier | A ‘New-Normal’ Accessory for Motorcycle Riders

When ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) was imposed a few months ago, photos of smog-free Metro Manila circulated around social media on what it appears to be like a breath of fresh air. Who would have thought that it would be possible for nature to recover in just a short span of time?

When the lockdown was eased a little bit in June, slowly, the dark and heavy smog came back. As far as our lungs health is concerned, riders like you and me just have to roll with the punches. Breathing has been difficult in times like these. We all need to be extra careful, especially when Covid-19 virus is still around. Wearing a mask has never been more important.

Speaking of masks or balaclavas, riders like you and me are not new to it. It’s our form of protection to absorb sweat and protect our face from collecting dirt particles and most importantly filter out the air we breathe especially when strolling in and out the city.

According to Numbeo, Manila ranks number one as the most polluted city in the Philippines, next is Cebu and then Quezon City. Riding everyday in Metro Manila is definitely not the healthiest way to get around, add up the virus, it doesn’t really look good being out there.

A few days back, I received a message from one of my wife’s colleagues. They sent us a product and asked whether it would be essential for riders like me. It is a wearable air purifier with multiple purposes.

FitAir is a product of Airdog USA is a compact air filtration device that you can use indoors and outdoors. It filters harmful allergens, smoke, particles and even viruses with 97.8% filtration efficiency. Patented TPA® technology is tested as the most effective clean air solution on the market. It destroys and eliminates down to .0146 micron and is a waste free solution to dirty air problems.

I first tried it at the grocery store. Strapped it on my left arm as a band. hooked the breathing hose on the device and the mask with a provision hole. It felt weird at first. I looked like a gasless patient strapped to an oxygen tank, in all honesty. But as soon as the air started flowing from the purifier, through the hose and into the mask, I felt like breathing cool, light air. I felt confident, even under the mandatory face shield protocol. I was only able to breathe clean air and freely exhale while the device continually pushed the air out the mask. I had a few glances from strangers like, what the heck am I wearing. It’s the new normal anyway.

The following day, I went out for a ride, with a few necessary errands for work. Again, I strapped the purifier on my sleeve and this time, used the mask underneath a full face motorcycle helmet. Again, it looked kinda weird for other riders onlooking. It looked and felt like a jet-fighter helmet hosed to a tank. It felt funny in a way, but it actually felt good. I’m breathing cool air, and I can feel it envelope my nostrils without that familiar smog smell on a regular traffic day. The air just keeps on flowing. I didn’t even bother opening my face shield to gasp some air. It feels like a ventilated helmet! 

The following day, I tried it on now with a jet-type half face helmet. It fits well like a glove. It’s easier to wear, because you simply wear it like a mask. I also found out that you can adjust the air intensity into 3-levels. 

I’m sure how motorcycle riders would understand standing idle on a smoke-belching vehicle in stroking heat. I can barely smell the street and feel very confident in every deep breath I take. This device makes a total difference.

When I was using this, I imagine how well this would really help out motorcycle delivery workers who grind day-in, day-out with all the pollution out there. If you understand riding beside unregulated jeepneys and buses fuming smoke, then consider yourself a road warrior. The FitAir can be a game-changer for this particular industry. 

Call it a tool for trade. I personally would invest in such, at this period in time, where respiratory health has been a major concern for quite some time this year. I believe that the motorcycle industry is playing a major role in the economy, in terms of logistics and transportation. I also think it is most vulnerable, thanks to innovation, there is a healthier way to live, particular to the quality of air we breathe.


Battery Life: 2-6 hours

Power: 3W 1600 mAh

Size: 7.2 x 3.5 x 3.1 inches

Item Weight: 7.8 oz

Shipping Weight: 1.05 pounds


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