January 09, 2020 By Francis G. Pallarco

Gas or Diesel Powered Vehicle

Which is better?

When it comes to power delivery, there’s still nothing quite like a gasoline-powered engine. Aside from the sharp acceleration and quickly getting up to speed, these engines also run quieter and get favorable gas mileage. But unlike before where diesel powered vehicles were relegated for pick ups and industrial machinery, the advent of today’s modern Common Rail Diesel Injection technology has made it a popular power plant for most modern vehicles such as pickups, SUV’s, van’s and even cars. Gone are the days when diesel engines were characterized by noisy valve clatter, finicky mechanical fuel injection, and emitted thick black exhaust fumes. Both are proven power plants, but the real game changer here would be the fact that diesel fuel is still slightly cheaper than gasoline and far more fuel-efficient.

This begs the question, between a gas and diesel powered vehicle, which is better?

Advantages of Diesel Powered Vehicles

  • More fuel efficient
  • Longer engine service life
  • More pulling torque
  • Higher resale value

Disadvantages of Diesel Powered Vehicles

  • Sensitive to poor quality Diesel fuel
  • Higher service costs
  • Less environmentally friendly

Advantages of Gasoline Powered Vehicles

  • Slightly lower vehicle cost
  • Lower service costs
  • More environmentally friendly

Disadvantage of Gasoline Powered Vehicles

  • Less pulling torque
  • Lower resale value
  • Higher fuel cost


Gasoline Powered Vehicles are suited for

  • City Driving
  • Countryside driving
  • Personal Use

Diesel Powered Vehicles are suited for

  • Expressway Driving
  • Long Journeys
  • Towing and Commercial Use

Final Verdict

With both sides having their advantages and disadvantages, it’s really impossible to declare which one really reigns supreme. This is because it depends on a lot of factors like how and what is it going to be used for and such. Along with their personal preferences, these factors vary a lot among different car buyers.

The type of vehicle and its intended use will largely dictate which one to choose. If it’s something that’s to be used as a daily workhorse and see lengthy family out of town trips, it’s a no-brainer, because only a diesel will do it better, and use far less fuel at the same time. If you’re looking for the thrill of an engine as it goes through the gears at high-revs, only a gasoline-powered engine will cure your need for speed.

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