June 30, 2022 By C! Magazine Staff Words: Maki Aganon Photos: Randy Silva Netto

Gear Review: SMK Stellar Stage Helmet

Let me start with this statement: Fourteen Million Helmets manufactured helmets annually around the world. SMK Helmet is an institution in India. With over 40 years experience in helmet manufacturing, the designs are now created in Europe. Four factories handle the overall manufacturing process for the company from molding EPS shells to painting and assembly.

SMK Helmets Philippines revealed their latest series from the Stellar Range – a true style full face helmet equipped with the latest generation materials designed to maximize safety and style.

The Stellar Stage is a minimalist flow of elements that run through back giving a speedy nature. It’s so simple, it’s so good. No frills, just straightforward form and function. Another noticeable feature is the rear spoiler that signifies its aerodynamic form of a teardrop.




At first glance, it looks really expensive, because of its minimalist aura. But you’ll be surprised that the SMK Stellar Stage costs less than P3,000. But what’s on the inside? Let’s find out.

We’re able to use the SMK Stellar Stage on our usual riding tasks. Off the box, the shell is relatively US-inspired shell size. The outer shell is matte. The interior fabric liner is above average, and the inner padding is snug, which is definitely a major plus. You can feel the cheek pads press into your mouth, which reminds me of the Bell Qualifier series. in the head portion, you can feel a tiny bit of space where cool air can pass through, and push out hot air on the rear vents. We were also able to fit it with a smoked lens that is not totally dark and can see well lit surroundings at night time, but is totally not advisable to use in general.

We first tried it in the city as a daily, unlike other US-based helmet brands, SMK Stellar Stage is not as heavy on the neck vs. the one I sold away because of the strains it caused. I just wished the lid locking mechanism was a Double-D Ring. The visor mechanism is easy to use, similar to other entry-level helmets. Inside, it feels really bulky and safe at the same time, and surprisingly, it’s not really heavy.

Then we took it to the fast lane, I fitted in my personal Cardo Pactalk Bold with JBL speakers to check its compatibility. My comms work best with my KYT NF-R and can hear the best audio output, with SMK Stellar, the benefits of a snug fitting helmet put the speaker deep in the ear pocket padding and still totally functional. At maximum speed limit, it’s not that noisy. Thanks to the chin curtain and functional closed vents. At tucked-in posture, its aerodynamic shape works.

The visor is thick and I feel confident it won’t shatter in case of accidents. Like most smoked visors, it works best to deflect UV-rays at daytime. It is also Pinlock Anti-fog ready.

At P2,850, I honestly think this helmet should be worth more. But given the scale of business Motoworld Philippines has, this product came in at a very affordable price. If you’re looking for an aggressive and minimalist, premium-looking, true bang-for-the-buck helmet, then this is for you. I can pair it with any naked or sporty big bike with confidence.

For more information, you can visit SMK Helmet Philippines or order online through www.motoworld.com.ph

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